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   Chapter 826 Clark Was No Match For Him

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Updated: 2020-02-23 00:13

"You don't have to go outside. If you are capable of killing me now, I suggest you do it while you can," Ricky walked out of his Chaotic Fire Zone and said coldly as soon as Clark was done with his words.

Ricky would kill anyone who dared to take Pearl away from him!

He was then in the state of the Chaotic Fire Mutant. Being showered by the Chaotic Fire Enlightenment, he found the flames within the Explosion Core area to be quite lovely. The flames then gathered around him in an instant.

'Perhaps only now will I fully understand how powerful my Chaotic Fire Mutant truly is. It seems that the flames like the Chaotic Fire Mutant very much, ' Ricky sighed in his heart as he sensed the situation.

Being surrounding by the flames, he could feel his strength reaching higher levels.

"It's you! How can it be?" Clark said out of surprise when he saw Ricky appear out of nowhere. He wasn't expecting to see Ricky there at all.

"The mutant! The mutant power! You possess the mutant power." Clark also immediately found the power of Ricky's mutant quite extraordinary. His eyes darkened at once. He also understood why Ricky was able to stay in the depths of the Explosion Core. It was all because of his powerful mutant.

Of course, he was also wondering how Ricky suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

However, it was not his main concern at that time. From the previous battles, Clark concluded that Ricky was absolutely qualified to be a big threat to him. He was well aware that unlike Andrea or Colin, Ricky did not have the Five-Poison Mutant inside his body.

"I can't believe you have a powerful mutant as well!" Clark said coldly after he calmed himself down a bit. At the same time, the poison enlightenment that had been disappearing resurged once again and surrounded him ferociously. Obviously, he was ready for a fight.

However, that time, the mutant power of Clark declined a bit compared to the previous times. It was mostly because the snake mark on his face had disappeared and he had already spent one-fifth of his mutant power trying to kill Andrea and Colin earlier.

For anyone who owned the Five-Poison Mutant, he could indeed kill anyone without being noticed. But at the same time, it had a weakness, which was that the user of the Five-Poison Mutant would also gradually grow weaker after a certain period of time once the skill was employed to kill his or her enemies.

"Ha-ha! Apparently, an old man like you could also have a mutant. It shouldn't be strange that I have a mutant as well," Ricky said with a subtle smile. "Old man, the power of your Five-Poison Mutant has been reduced by a fifth of its original strength. I don't think you would stand a chance against me at all

e reason that the fires can resist the poison, I think Ricky's Chaotic Fire Mutant also contributed a lot to his success. Am I making sense?" Pearl asked Tina as they watched the fight from inside the Massacring Zone.

"Ricky has four kinds of mutants. Each of them is very powerful. I would say that none of his mutants is weaker than your Feminine Mutant," Tina replied as she nodded her head a few times.


"That can't be true! There should be no flame-attribute mutant that can completely resist my Five-Poison Mutant!" Clark cried desperately as he heard Ricky's words. He didn't want to accept that fact that he was defeated by Ricky without much trouble. "My five poisons are the most poisonous things in the entire world!"

"Ha-ha! The most poisonous things in the world? How dare you say that? Even with my Chaotic Fire Mutant, I would never dare to proclaim it as the most powerful flame-attribute mutant. I'm very curious where your arrogance is coming from. Aren't you afraid others will laugh at you?" Ricky said with a disdainful smile after hearing Clark's crazy words.

Howl! Howl!

The next moment, the five marks on Clark's face became more and more ferocious as imperceptible sounds of roaring echoed through the skies. The shadows behind him became more apparent.

"Is he ready to risk his life for one final exchange?" Ricky said lightly. "Unfortunately, no matter what, he would never be able to defeat me. His Five-Poison Mutant might have granted him the power but it will also cause him his death."

"Show yourself, my five poisonous shadows!"

Clark shouted once again. At the same time, five drops of blood essence were spilled from his fingertips and were mixed into the shadows behind him. As a result, each of the shadows emitted power that was as powerful as his own.

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