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   Chapter 822 The Explosion Core Showed Up

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8300

Updated: 2020-02-21 00:13

"According to the records of our Great Star Dynasty, every time the Explosion Core showed up, its surroundings would turn into hell like this. I'm afraid that only a completed spiritual king can bear the temperature here," Dylan muttered with a frown.

"The baptism of the Sense of Realm is likely to be completed with the appearance of the Explosion Core," Clark said, excited.

Without hesitation, the old man went straight into the crater for the treasure. Andrea and his son, Colin, immediately followed.

"Let's go!" Ricky exclaimed. He quickly entered the hot pit with Dylan and William.

It turned out that Dylan was right about the place. There was a world inside the volcanic vent, a world created by the heat and isolated by the lava.

The world inside was occupied by the magma. In the center of the space, there was a huge passage that seemed without end. As if a bottomless pit was not frightening enough, it was also shooting out roaring flames.

As soon as they stepped inside, they noticed that the temperature had risen even further.

"This is the world of the Explosion Core and the core is deep inside. Strangely, the temperature has gotten so high inside. Even I feel that I might not be able to stand it for long," Dylan explained to them.

"I can only hope that the temperature won't increase more once we go down deeper into this world," Ricky murmured.

At this point, the two sides seemed to have reached a truce. Nobody moved to start a fight. Instead, they kept a distance from each other as they walked deeper into the volcano carefully.

However, when they were less than a quarter of the way into the depth of the passage, Colin and William could not bear the high temperature anymore. Their spiritual energy shields had been burned so badly that if they went any deeper, they would be seared to ashes.

"It seems that the deeper we go, the higher the temperature is. I'm afraid I may only be able to keep this up for another hundred meters. After that, I may no longer be able to continue," Dylan admitted even as he continued to walk forward.

"If you can't go further, just stay here and wait for your death!" Andrea said harshly in response to Dylan's words.

"Don't act so mighty, Andrea! I know you cannot continue further as well," Dylan· responded coldly at Andrea's provocation.

"It's up to you now, dude." Andrea turned to Clark expectantly.

The old man nodded at him. Three pills appeared on his hand and he dis

ire-resisting Pills, I bet he is also a cunning man. I'm sure that he won't trust Andrea and Colin. In return, the father and son of the Ling Clan will not let him have the Sense of Realm so easily!" Pearl analyzed thoughtfully.

"Yes, you are right. ·The possible conflict between them might give us a chance," Ricky agreed. He too was deep in thought as he visualized in his mind what could transpire later.


Two hours later, they finally reached the deepest part of the area. It was a world filled with magma that only a first-class completed spiritual king could bear its temperature.

Of course, with the help of external tools and mutants with a fire nature, one could also survive in this place.

As soon as they arrived, all of their attention was caught by the giant lava ball that was floating in the center of the cavern. This lava ball seemed to be more than a hundred meters in diameter.

They could feel very strong heavenly power from this lava ball. It felt so pure that they suspected it to be even purer than the power contained in the Void Cell.

Moreover, they could feel that the ball of lava was continuously absorbing the heavenly power from the surrounding area.

"This is the Explosion Core. It is the beginning form of a continent in the Heavenly Void. It can be said that this is the heart and soul of a continent, the hot and lively core of the land," Tina whispered to Ricky as they stared at the Explosion Core.

"So this is where the Sense of Realm has been resting. It somehow fits. Only in this kind of place can the treasure get the most perfect baptism by heaven," Ricky muttered in silent awe.

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