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   Chapter 821 The Magmatic Exhalation

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7215

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"Apologize to you? Old man, do you think you stand a chance of winning against us?" Ricky sneered at Clark's words. At once, he burst out his power and dashed toward Clark.

The Explosion Core was right before their eyes. Ricky wasn't keen to waste any more time chatting. He had got his mind set on fighting immediately.

As Ricky activated both his massacring runes and flame runes, the dual power broke out ferociously and unexpectedly.

Although Clark's vital energy had decreased sharply, it was undeniable he was still a third-class completed spiritual king at peak state. Even though Ricky had successfully refined one fourth of the Void Cell and thus improved his strength to a great degree, he would still have to do his best and throw his most powerful attack to be able to succeed.

Ricky threw a punch at Clark's jaw.

"Brat, mark my words, I'll end you today. It doesn't matter how powerful of an ace genius you are!" Clark roared before leaping upward and hitting the air with an open hand as pure venom started to leak out from his palm.

"Ricky, watch out. Any attack from that man is filled with a strong toxin. He is a master in poisoning," Dylan warned.

"Understood," Ricky replied.


Even though he had been warned, Ricky still clashed his fist against Clark's hand.

"Kill!" Dylan howled before dashing towards Andrea, with the full intent on killing him. From the other side, William also rushed to go up against Colin as a fierce battle had officially begun.

"Pearl, deal with the warriors from the Ling Clan," Ricky requested her through telepathy.

With Pearl's aid, Ricky believed the warriors from the Ling Clan wouldn't be a threat any longer, even if they still had the Energy Boosting Pills on their side.


"Die!" Clark bellowed as his palm was about to hit his opponent's fist. The moment they touched, Ricky's entire arm got instantly covered in black. His palm's center looked even darker. Ricky started to have a clear sense of the poison as a suffocating feeling washed over him.

'How terrible the poison is!' Ricky groaned inwardly.

Without any hesitation, Ricky gathered one of


Boom! Boom! All at once, his body had got completely revolved by the black toxin.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

However, everything got interrupted by an abrupt and deafening thunder piercing through the sky. The temperature rose quickly as everywhere started to quiver violently.

Boom! Boom! The high temperature caused flames to arise in some parts.

"What happened?" All the battles had come to a sudden stop in front of the scene.

The volcano had attracted everyone's eyes.

Dylan, Andrea, and William frowned upon the situation. Immediately, they all cried in unison, "Retreat!"

Rapidly, Dylan, Andrea, and William guided their respective family members to their cultivation zones.

"Pearl, get back into the Massacring Zone now! Hurry up!" Ricky also shouted as he dragged Pearl into his Massacring Zone before they got killed by the lava, which was about to rush towards them.

Splash! Splash! Splash!

The lava erupted its way out of the volcano, running wild and rapidly taking everything over. The space and the void soon turned into a burning sea of lava.

Before the chaos, both Dylan and Ricky used their spiritual energy to create a shield, so they could protect themselves. Still, the scorching heat felt troublesome, threatening to burn them to ashes at any second.

"No one can resist such a high temperature unless he is a completed spiritual king!" Ricky muttered, his face deadly serious.

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