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   Chapter 820 Enemies Gathering

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"Really? They asked for a fight in the region of ·Explosion Core. I believe they propose to fight with us there because they have no idea when it will open," Ricky surmised logically.

"This is exactly what we want. Otherwise, we have to pay attention to both the Explosion Core and our enemies. They are probably thinking the same thing as us now. In ten days, our success or failure will be decided by this," William told them seriously.

After the talk, Dylan and William made preparations and prepared for the worst.

Ricky and Pearl once again entered the cultivation place of the Great Star Dynasty and prepared for their battle in ten days.

"Pearl, I'll hand over the disciples from the Ling Clan to you this time. Be careful since they have enhanced themselves with the pills. You can have the Sense of Realm we find this time," Ricky told her.

"It's too early to decide that. Let's get the Sense of Realm first. But I do have one question."

Pearl looked at Ricky coyly as he looked back at her curiously. "What is it?"

"Why are you so interested in the matters of the Great Star Dynasty? Even if we consider your friendship with them, I don't think your relationship is that deep.

If you want to get the Sense of Realm, you have zones so you can always hide in the dark. So, why are you getting involved in this?" Pearl asked with her internal power.

"Because I feel guilty. You will understand once things have ended." Pearl frowned at his vague answer. She decided to change her approach when she realized he would not elaborate.

"What's your chance of winning against Clark?"

"Those completed Spiritual Kings must be extraordinary. He is not only a master in pill refining but also a master in using poison. I am not afraid of his poison but I am worried about how many pills he has. After all, a good pill can completely reverse a situation, from life to death or vice versa.

Considering this, I think my confidence is less than 50%. However, in every battle, it is about how much effort we put in and our strength, and it is also a competition of confidence."


nsed it."

Pearl ignored Clark's astonishment. She remained calm and did not even spare him a glance.

Ricky replied for her, "Hey, old man, don't be so fussy. Pearl is my girl—"

He turned and met Pearl's cold gaze. Her deadly glare caused him to trail off before he quieted down fully.

"Shut up or I'll freeze your mouth!" Pearl's cold voice sounded in his mind.

He inadvertently stood up straighter than before and immediately did as she had asked.

"Pearl, you are from the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce. The Jiang Clan also works for the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce. I think we should join our hands together now and defeat Ricky. You would have better opportunities with me than with him," Clark persuaded Pearl patiently. His tone was so sickly-sweet, it was disgusting.

"You are so annoying! I don't understand how an old man like you can even enter the Heavenly Void?" This time, Pearl replied by herself before Ricky could spout more nonsense.

"What did you say?" Clark was furious. His face was red and his hands were clenched tightly by his side.

He invited Pearl out of kindness but was disrespected and insulted. She needed to be taught a lesson.

"I will not show you mercy later. Apologize before it is too late." Although he was burning with anger, he was also burning with lust.

Pearl's beauty was driving him wild and her attitude only spurned him on more.

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