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   Chapter 819 The Explosion Core

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"Ha-ha. Thank you so much, Andrea," Clark said excitedly.

"By the way, Andrea, there is one more thing." His eyes beamed with slyness and lust.

Andrea laughed in response. "I know what you mean. Don't worry, you can trust me with the gift," he promised with a wink and a wicked smile. He then clapped his hands, and three figures emerged from behind the palace.

All three of them were young women, each of which was extremely beautiful, scantily clad and enchanting.

"Ha-ha! You know me well, Andrea. Just come to my palace after ten days to take the pills." Clark's eyes turned red and watery as he carefully examined each of the women's sultry curves. He already felt like the luckiest man on earth.

He took the three girls very eagerly out of the palace and hurried back to his own place.

"I can't believe that this old man is such an old goat. I wonder if the trade between him and Andrea has anything to do with the Sense of Realm," Ricky murmured. "Is it true that this Star Continent really has the Sense of Realm?"

"I don't think there are any other types of interests that can convince Clark and Andrea and make both of them willing enough to make a deal with each other. That said, it's very likely that all this conspiracy is about the Sense of Realm," Tina said. "If it was merely for women, Clark definitely would not have agreed to create so many pills for the Ling Clan."

"Father, ·when shall we kill this old guy? Is it after we finally rule the Star Continent?" Colin asked in a low and frigid voice as he came out from behind the palace.

"We do it after we get what we want. Remember Colin, we have to let him have his way as much as we could. We should wait at least before we completely destroy the Great Star Dynasty and the Scarlet King Ape tribe. Only then can we finally kill that bastard," Andrea replied and stared indifferently at the horizon.

"Well, this old dog's strength is not a disappointment. We need his strength so we can deal with that brat."

"I understand, Father. However, recently, several of the women in our clan have fallen into the clutches of that old man. Some of the members have even· started raising their concerns about it. I'm afraid the whole clan might fall apart if this continues," Colin disclosed with a worried look on his face.

"Well then, tell the women in our clan that from now on, if they· have nothing important to do, then they shouldn't step out of their rooms. There are tons of other women in other clans," Andrea· instructed. His tone left a spiky chill in the atmosphere.

"Yes, F

"In that case, we have to go to the Explosion Core and take a look at the area ourselves." Ricky was starting to feel all revved up.

"That's right!" Dylan nodded. "It's not a big deal if we have to wait. The real problem is that we don't know when the Sense of Realm will come out. Also, we can't do anything about it except waiting until it finally shows up."

"Is that so?" Ricky seemed baffled. "Do you think Clark knows about the timing?" Ricky's expression was immediately replaced with confusion.

"Whether he is already aware of it or not, we will have to keep a closer eye on him from now on. We can't let him get out of our sight and allow him to continue with whatever plot he has in mind," Pearl muttered with strong conviction.

Among all those who wanted their hands on the Sense of Realm, Pearl was definitely the one who cared about it the most. This prompted her to be more cautious of anyone who posed a threat on the attainment of her goal.

"Alright, then. I'll go to the Ling Clan once more. I hope that I can leave some runic marks on Clark to help make the monitoring a lot easier," Ricky declared and began taking quick paces away from the group.

He prepared himself and he was about to set out to return to the Ling Clan.

At this moment, a bravo of the Great Star Dynasty came in and said that someone from the Ling Clan had sent a letter.

This news aroused the curiosity of all those who were present. Dylan took over and read the letter aloud for everyone to hear.

"What does ·Andrea· want ·this time, sir?" Ricky asked, stopping in his tracks.

"Andrea has asked for a fight to the death in the Explosion ten days!" Dylan announced after taking a deep breath.

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