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   Chapter 817 Removing Poison For Resources

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"I'm afraid the king won't be able to make any progress in his strength in the future, and his life expectancy will be greatly diminished," Ares said with a hopeless sigh.

"Why? Hasn't he already refined half of the Void Cell? Isn't that heavenly power in itself not enough?" Ricky asked out of surprise.

"No, that's not entirely true at all. The poison is far too powerful and has already infused into his internal organs. Irrespective of how strong that power is, it is still just an unstable mess of heavenly power. How could that in any way drive out the poison infused in his internal organs?" Ares responded.

"Oh, so the poison he is afflicted with is no ordinary!" Ricky said. "But how did he get poisoned? Is the Ling Clan responsible?"

"No, it was the work of a stranger. It happened when the king was on his way to the Void Tree. He met this old man on the way and got attacked. That's how all of this came to pass," Ares replied solemnly.

"That old man must be like you, a creature on the continent."

"He must be a master at crafting toxins," Ricky said.

"Ares, take me to the king now. I may have a way to completely extract the poison from his body," Ricky voiced.

"Can you remove poison?" Ares replied in shock.

"Ha-ha, I know quite a bit about poison, so I want to give it a try. Can't hurt to try right?" Ricky responded with a smile.

"Alright then. Follow me please," replied Ares. Although he had known Ricky a few days, it was inexplicable how easy it felt to trust him. Maybe it was because of his strength and confidence.

Very soon with his guidance, they arrived at the palace where Dylan cultivated. At this time, Selene and William were also there at the palace.

It seemed like Dylan had indeed returned to his peak, and the undoubted momentum of a completed spiritual king was on full display. But those with keen eyes would be able to see the darkness shrouded between his eyebrows.

It was unmistakable that he was poisoned.

"Thank you very much for all your help. If you have any questi


"Ricky, we, the Scarlet King Ape tribe, are also willing to offer you the cultivation resources of two spiritual space tools. But please remove the poison from the king's body," William added in response.

With that Ares also left.

"The cultivation resources of two spiritual space tools would be more than enough," Ricky responded.

"You're welcome, Ricky. We'll gladly offer you cultivation resources of another two spiritual space tools. After all, you have just saved our lives," William said feeling rejected.

'Apparently the forces in the Heavenly Void have a lot of cultivation resources. In the continent, a demi-spiritual emperor force will find it difficult to afford the cultivation resources of two spiritual space tools, ' Ricky thought to himself silently.

'And here, just two complete spiritual kings can offer cultivation resources of two spiritual space tools without a second thought.'

He didn't refuse and said almost in a joyful whisper, "Then I think it's better to accept your offerings."

Moreover, He also thought that Dylan and William might have guessed that he lacked cultivation resources. Otherwise, William would not make the offer of cultivation resources of two spiritual space tools. If he refused again, it would just be hypocritical.

"Ha-ha, that's it!" William laughed.

Selene and Ares also returned.

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