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   Chapter 816 The Ling Clan Retreated

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Boom! Boom!

Once the loud roar had faded, everyone glanced at the place where Ricky was standing. However, they only saw a ball of golden light gradually disappearing. Ricky was not there at all. They could not feel any trace of him anymore.

"Was he crushed into pieces? Could he actually be dead?" The warriors in the area were all stunned as they turned to communicate with one another out of curiosity.

The hopes in the eyes of the people from the Great Star Dynasty and the Scarlet King Ape tribe were replaced by despair once again. They were made to believe that the young hero who appeared out of nowhere was sent by God to rescue them from their doom. But three bouts later, he was killed by the Ling Clan.

At that moment, the grief in the eyes of Andrea and Colin had begun to fade. They thought they had avenged Vincent by killing Ricky.

But in the next moment, Colin's eyes suddenly narrowed as if something entered his mind. He then said anxiously to Andrea, "Father, you must be careful!"

However, it was already too late. At that same moment, a beam of golden light flashed and directly chopped Andrea's neck. It was none other than Ricky's Iron Destroyer. It wasn't long before Ricky also appeared out of nowhere.

Ricky didn't use his Space-shrinking Pace this time. Instead, he entered the Chaotic Fire Zone the moment he was attacked by the Ling Clan and teleported behind Andrea without anyone noticing.

Faced with the Ling Clan's ferocious attacks earlier, Ricky had to admit that even if he broke out his strongest abilities to protect himself, he would still be unable to withstand them. It was particularly difficult for him to use the Space-shrinking Pace in that situation.

Ricky had no other choice but to enter the Chaotic Fire Zone.

'Oh, I was forced to enter the Chaotic Fire Zone. That's not what I wanted at all! I'd rather fight them face to face than find ways to retreat, ' Ricky said in his heart after what happened.


At that moment, Andrea felt like all the hair on his body stood up. He sensed a strong killing intent surrounding his entire body. He could feel that his head was about to drop on the ground if he did nothing to defend himself.

Fortunately for him, Andrea seemed to have been well prepared. A drop of blood essence flew out from between his eyebrows. At the exact moment before Ricky's Iron Destroyer reached his neck, Andrea had already transformed into a beam of golden light and was able to teleport to another place in the blink of an eye.

"Oh, I think he just used his Golden Light Flash t

three days, Dylan had successfully refined the Void Cell but his strength had not improved much because he used all the power contained in the Void Cell to remove the poison instead.

Dylan found out that he had underestimated the terrible effect of the poison in his body.

During that period of time, Ricky and Pearl concentrated on refining the Void Cell to get the most out of it.

The heavenly power indeed lived up to its reputation. Ricky had become a third-class upper spiritual king. Pearl also had become an upper spiritual king.

What was more, both of them had completely consolidated the power at their respective levels.

"This is great! Now that I've increased my level significantly, I'm sure I would be able to defeat Andrea and kill him the next time we fight!" Ricky said with a confident look.

By that time, the most valuable thing he had gained so far was the Void Tree. With the Void Tree in his zone, he could absorb and refine the heavenly power any time he wanted. With his four zones, Ricky had absorbed a great amount of heavenly power.

"I'm getting closer and closer to becoming a spiritual emperor!" Ricky sighed with emotion after realizing his progress.


Once they were done with the refinement, Ricky and Pearl came out of the cultivation place. Ares was waiting for them outside.

"Ares, how is it going? Did the king successfully remove the poison in his body after he refined the Void Cell?" Ricky asked out of concern.

"A lot of the poison has been eliminated and the king has already regained his former strength," Ares said. "But..."

Ares let out a sigh and did not finish what he was saying.

"But what?" both Ricky and Pearl asked out of curiosity.

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