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   Chapter 815 A Defensive Fight

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7410

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"Do you know what kind of pill the master of the Ling Clan took?" Ricky asked Dylan and William through telepathy.

Both replied promptly, "He took the Energy Boosting Pill of the intermediate King Level. It can double the strength of any spiritual king. But it's only supposed to last for two hours.

By now it's been an hour already since he took it."

"Oh, I see. You two can rest first. I'll take care of the following things. If any questions come up, we can talk about them later," Ricky said.

'An hour! It should be an hour to go down from the peak. Only then I should be able to withstand it, ' Ricky thought seriously.

Bang! Yet again, Andrea's mighty attack struck hard at Ricky. However, despite the heavy blow, the powerful defense of his second level of Ultimate Golden Body along with the four kinds of runes protected him from being severely hurt.

'With this second level of Ultimate Golden Body on its completed level, as well as the fusion of the Massacring Soil, I'm powerful enough now. At least as long as I don't compete against a second-class completed spiritual king, I won't have to face life and death situations, ' Ricky confidently told himself.

"How could it be possible? He made it again. This young man's strength really measures up to that of the master of the Ling Clan. It seems things will turn out different from what we've expected today," warriors around him commented in awe.

"Father, let's fight him together. We'll definitely break his golden body in this way!" Colin yelled hoarsely.

'That stung for sure, ' Ricky thought bitterly on hearing Colin's words.

Right then, he had really wanted to take down Colin and his father. But he knew he wouldn't be a match for them as long as they were under the effect of the pills. Ricky was certain that if he took any action now, Colin and his father would likely defeat him.

Swish! Regaining his focus back, Ricky immediately activated the Massacring Sand before he burst out the Massacring Mutant. His main purpose at the moment was to increase his defenses by any means he had.

"The power of the mutant? The Golden Mutant!?" Warriors around were shocked as they felt the power emanating from Ricky.


, he hadn't forgotten to gather all his strength into his chest.

"Massacring Holy Attack—Massacring Five Patterns!"

Ricky roared as he burst out the Massacring Holy Attack, which had reached five patterns at that time.

The Massacring Holy Attack wasn't just a powerful strike. It was also a great defense method.


As the four runes emerged, Ricky gathered all the power focused on his chest and turned it into the Golden Enlightenment. The Massacring Holy Ant grew out behind his body. Then, the power got mixed and aligned into five strong line patterns.

They were all connected to each other forming the shape of a giant golden bell, which covered Ricky's whole body.

Ricky had become the legit image of a turtle retracting its head back into its shell.

"Ricky, you look like a turtle hiding inside its shell." Tina, who was inside the Massacring Zone, laughed out.

"Tina, could you please say something nice?" Ricky asked in a gentle and indulgent tone.

Tina couldn't help but smile at the sight of such a helpless look taking over Ricky's face.

Clang! Clang! Clang! While Tina laughed, multiple blades of golden light filled the sky storming its way out to Ricky's Massacring Five Patterns.

The moment they collided, enormous waves of air burst out and swallowed the whole area.

It took a few quarters of an hour for the waves to recede and clear the way for what everyone was expecting to see—if rather Ricky had survived or not.

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