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   Chapter 814 Arrive

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7018

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"Break the array!"

On Andrea's command, all the warriors of the Ling Clan gathered their strongest momentum and threw a cohesive punch at the array. Except William, all the warriors of the Great Star Dynasty and the Scarlet King Ape tribe trembled with fear, and their chests felt heavy and stuffed.

"Attack again!" Andrea roared.

Another violent attack was made. This time, people from the Great Star Dynasty and the Scarlet King Ape tribe spat out blood, and their auras weakened even more.

"Break!" Andrea was unstoppable and launched another brutal attack. After three attacks, the array was completely destroyed. People from the Great Star Dynasty and the Scarlet King Ape tribe were left exposed.

"Ha-ha, we have rewritten the history!" With a proud laugh, Andrea launched a final wild attack on Dylan and William.

At the same time, he said with a confident smile, "Now, none of you should make a move. I will clean up the mess. This is a historical moment. I will change it myself."


Dylan and William also knew that there was no way back. They knew their end was close. They exchanged a knowing look and rushed towards Andrea with all their determination.

"Don't overestimate yourself!" Andrea told Dylan disdainfully.

He summoned all his strength to attack William. Under his great power, William retreated heavily. His strength was much lesser than that of Andrea. To make matters worse, Andrea took the Energy Boosting Pill, which made him more difficult to defeat.

After dealing with William, Andrea instantly approached Dylan. Without any resistance, Dylan's chest exploded by the blow of Andrea's palm and he crashed into a huge palace, shattering it to pieces. Dust was all over the place and blood was gushing out, some red, some black.

That was the power of the poison.

Dylan was considered to be the strongest master of the Star Continent, yet he was so weak in front of the opposition.

"History is going to change." The crowd sighed again. As for what would happen to the Great Star Dynasty and the Scarlet King Ape tribe, they would not

e Space-shrinking Pace.

He had no choice. He took the Void Tree secretly, so he had to pay something as well. Therefore, he used the cultivation resources he had got from Vincent and his companions to cultivate the Space-shrinking Pace.

"Of course it's me. I didn't expect you to remember me. Lucky me, I guess." Retrieving his momentum, Ricky smiled cunningly.

'Colin is invincible, safe and sound. It seems that he has also taken some kind of pill. Is the Ling Clan a clan of pill refiners?' Ricky thought to himself.

'Does Colin know this young man?' the warriors wondered.

'Judging from his reaction, it seems that Colin has suffered some losses because of this young man, ' some people guessed.


Of course, Andrea knew Ricky was the one who killed his son.

Crack! Crack!

At once, all the bones in Andrea's body collided with rage.

Without a word, Andrea marched forward and suddenly appeared in front of Ricky. He folded his hands, burst out his golden light blade again and slashed it towards Ricky.

"Do you want to kill me that much?" Ricky murmured.

However, Ricky didn't retaliate. Instead, he activated his second level of Ultimate Golden Body, infused with the runic power and the galaxy power, and turned them into a shield to defend himself.

Since Ricky couldn't beat him, the best option was to defend himself and wait for the pill to wear off.

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