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   Chapter 813 Breaking The Array

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 9522

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Then, two figures appeared. Behind them, a group of people followed closely. Without a doubt, they were the people of the Ling Clan.

One of the two figures was a middle-aged man, a completed spiritual king. Needless to say, he was none other than the master of the Ling Clan. The other figure that stood beside him was Colin.

There were no visible injuries on Colin's body. It was as if Ricky's punch did not cause him any damage or harm at all.

"Retreat your array and surrender, and I can guarantee that all of your people inferior to a spiritual king can continue to thrive and live on happily in this place, the Star Continent," the master of the Ling Clan proposed, albeit in a tone that was arrogant and lacked empathy.

"Oh, wait, I think I just made a mistake. It should be called the Ling Continent. That's a more befitting name," he added with a sneer.

"Andrea, don't you think you're wasting precious time, trying to convince me to surrender?" one of the strong warriors inside the array spat back coldly, directly addressing the Ling Clan's master, Andrea Ling.

The said warrior was also a completed spiritual king. The only difference was that he was a little weaker than Andrea Ling. The warrior's enlightening power indicated his identity. He was William Yuan, Ares' father. He was also the master of the Scarlet King Ape tribe.

"Ha-ha! William, I really don't understand. You are a completed spiritual king, yet why are you fighting so hard to protect a dynasty that is doomed to collapse soon?" Andrea Ling asked with a smile.

"Worry not, though, for I am a generous master. I am giving you the last chance to retreat from this array. By surrendering, your Scarlet King Ape tribe will remain as one of the most powerful forces on this land. Your failure to do as I request will leave me no choice but to destroy all of you."

"What makes you think I have trust in your words? That is absolutely not going to happen. Not on my watch!" William Yuan insisted stubbornly and decisively.

"Well, in that case, the very day when the array is broken will be the time that all of your men will die," Andrea Ling responded with the same level of obstinacy and assertiveness.

"We don't know and we can't surely tell yet what the result will be. Let us wait until you finally break the array," William Yuan retorted, unperturbed.

"Humph!" Andrea Ling snorted. William Yuan's unwavering conviction was starting to get on his nerves. "Do you really think I have no idea what you are waiting for? It has something to do with the agreement among the three clans, doesn't it? Are you really that confident about Ares' and Selene's chances of survival? How sure are you that they will make it back alive?"

"Damn you, Andrea! Did you send someone else to kill them?" William Yuan demanded for Andrea Ling's answer with

"Ha-ha! You have good eyesight, even though you've grown frail and weak. This is exactly the Energy Boosting Pill that can generate power at the intermediate King Level. With this pill, the Ling Clan will soon defeat in no time and take over the continent," Andrea Ling exclaimed with excitement as if he had already seen a glimpse of their victory with his own eyes.

All the people of the Ling Clan swallowed the pills. After a few moments, the momentum and strength of all the members of the Ling Clan had doubled.

"How could it be possible?" Dylan and William Yuan gasped. "Any kind of pill at the intermediate King Level is very precious. I bet you're wondering how every member of the Ling Clan could have possibly owned one. Well, here's a rough estimate. That should be twenty pills in total." Andrea's casual revelation shocked all the creatures and witnesses surrounding them.

As for the clansmen of Dylan and William Yuan, it didn't take them longer than a second to cower in fear.

The Energy Boosting Pill at the intermediate King Level could double the power in any living creature in just two hours. The best part about its accelerating power was that it didn't leave any kind of serious or subtle side effect.

Two hours was long enough for the Ling Clan to break the array and kill all of their targeted prisoners. With power and time seemingly going in the Ling Clan's favor, how could their enemies stay calm and be fearless?

"Dylan, William, I have seen fear in your eyes. Unfortunately, you just missed the best opportunity I could offer you. Anyway, enough talk about your incompetence and terrible decision making!" Andrea Ling mocked. "Have I told you how delightful it is to watch your petrified countenance?" Andrea Ling laughed with twice the force and the sarcastic emotion. His laughter grew stronger as his momentum steadily increased in its ferocity.

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