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   Chapter 807 An Odd Killing

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"Vincent's an upper spiritual king at peak state! Unfortunately for him, though, he's going to face a Feminine Mutant owner who possesses the dark water," Ricky mumbled to himself, after seeing Vincent burst out his power.

Pearl, on the other hand, wasn't impressed by any of it. For all she could tell, Vincent was already a dead man.

As the Feminine Enlightenment surged, Pearl straightly turned into the Feminine Mutant. She didn't hesitate revealing her true power at the earliest opportunity. She actually couldn't afford not to since Vincent belonged to a higher rank than her.

"Mutant power? No wonder she is so confident," Vincent murmured, a little taken aback, despite his disdainful tone.

Vincent wasn't keen to waste his time either as he put forward a golden flag. He quickly merged it with the Golden Enlightenment on his body.

"Golden Flag Strike!" he exclaimed.

As soon as his momentum had raised to its extreme, Vincent promptly set his strike. Sparking from between his hands, the golden flag rapidly wrapped and integrated his body. Then, it turned into a sharp golden light blade, which came slashing at Pearl.

"Feminine power, dark whip!" Pearl uttered. She wasn't afraid of Vincent at all. The long black whip in her hand fluttered everywhere. Under the control of the Feminine Mutant, the Feminine Enlightenment around it felt coldly mortal.

"She's not using the dark water," Ricky muttered. "And it doesn't seem she intends to. Even though her Feminine Mutant grants a slight advantage to her favor, she must use the dark water if she wants to kill Vincent."

"Maybe she wants to improve her combat power. After all, lately, she has only cultivated in the Devourer Zone and the Massacring Zone," Tina speculated, her voice flat.


The long whip lunged like a python at the sharp blade from the golden flag. Both tangled around each other spreading waves of air through the void, until they finally bounced back.

They didn't change tactics after that first strike. Instead, they kept dancing around as they pushed and pulled.

"I think you're right. Pearl seems to want to

ly, it wasn't precisely a body. It was a corpse.

Instantly, Vincent had resurfaced lifeless altogether. Only Pearl then managed to pay attention to a thin bloody mark spreading from Vincent's neck up to his throat.

Bang! It wasn't until Vincent's dead body along with the golden flag fell off the branches of the Void Tree that everyone noticed this abrupt turn of events.

'How could it be possible? What happened?' Everyone present was thinking the same, including Ricky. Even Ares and others had stopped fighting all of a sudden to address what had just happened.

"What?" Right at that moment, Ricky sensed there was an invisible force making its way back to Pearl's body.

Once Ricky activated the power of the four zones to have a clear feeling, there was no longer a trace of anything left.

"What happened?" Ricky mumbled in confusion and then turned to Tina. "Did you see anything? How did Pearl kill Vincent so quickly?

Vincent's strike didn't even get to her."

"I have no idea," Tina responded. She was as confused as he was.

When Ricky glanced at Pearl again, he saw a fine line of blood dripping from the corner of her mouth. She also looked pale.

'Pearl is injured too, ' Ricky realized in silence.

Without giving a second thought to it, Ricky rushed to Pearl as fast as he could. Then, he used his spiritual energy to help her recover as he asked with concern, "Are you okay?"

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