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   Chapter 806 Pearl Makes Her Move

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7454

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"Now that I have the Great Star Chart, it will soon be time for me to acquire the Great Star Dynasty," the figure murmured with beaming confidence and an apparent killing intent after obtaining the Great Star Chart.

The figure then flew towards the destination of the Void Tree.


As they entered the area, Ricky felt as if he had entered a primitive zone. In this zone, he could feel the breath of the original energy.

Soon, all their eyes were diverted to a huge grey tree located at the center of the zone.

The giant grey tree stood right in the middle of the void and had millions of python-like roots. The giant tree occupied the entire space in the middle. Each branch was as broad as a square.

"Could this be the Void Tree?" they all exclaimed in shock as they saw the enormous tree. It was so huge that it seemed like it shaded the whole world.

Howl! Howl!

Their bewilderment was cut short as angry roars snappily rang through the air. Seven Void Beasts from the Void Tree instantly appeared and rushed to their direction. The beasts surrounded Ricky and his companions. Judging from their senses, they seemed to be first-class upper spiritual kings.

"Ha-ha! I'm finally able to see you in the flesh, Void Tree!" At this time, Vincent did not look at the seven Void Beasts. He was too enthralled by the beastly might and grandeur of the Void Tree that he couldn't hold back himself. He marveled at the massive beauty before him and laughed excitedly.

"Then the Void Cell belongs to us, the Ling Clan,"

"What did you say, Vincent?" Selene spat at Vincent. She couldn't believe his words.

"Oh? Didn't you hear it clearly?" Vincent turned to look Selene in the eye. "I meant every word. The Void Cell now belongs to the Ling Clan." His eyes carried a steely gaze. He was not about to entertain any objections. Slowly, a determined smile formed on his lips. "Well, to be more exact, the Great Star Dynasty will soon be our the Ling Clan's. And you, Selene, and the woman behind you can both be my concubines."

Vincent's once steely gaze was soon glazed with strong lust. His obscene eyes wantonly scanned the bodies of Selene and Pearl.

"Vincent, what the hell did you say? Didn't you p

ond to think of his next move. In the nick of time, his pupils suddenly shrank and he condensed an enlightenment shield to defend against the whip.

Bang! The sound of metal colliding rang through the air. The long, dark whip directly hit the shield that Vincent created at the last minute. The strong force poured down, and Vincent was forced to take a few hundred meters back into the void.

"How could it be?" Vincent asked hoarsely as he stood back on his feet. There was disbelief in his eyes.

The four disciples from the Ling Clan, along with Selene and Ares, all felt their jaws drop.

It was only a single blow from Pearl, and yet she was able to push Vincent several paces away.

Vincent's ferocity grew tenfold. It was then that he realized Pearl was not simple woman.

Pearl should only be able to make a breakthrough as a first-class upper spiritual king. Her strength was no weaker than that of an upper spiritual king at peak state. It only meant that she was among those first-class geniuses.

"Woman, who are you and which empire are you from?" he queried sternly. Little by little, his once arrogant and mocking demeanor shifted to a darker and more serious one.

"You're not deserving enough to know!" Pearl replied coldly.

"Ha-ha!" Vincent burst into a loud, hearty laughter. "Very good! Very good! I like cold-hearted women like you."

No longer holding back, Vincent released the momentum that belonged to an upper spiritual king at peak state.

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