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   Chapter 805 Vincent And Sela

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Located at the border of the Heavenly Void, the Great Star Dynasty was regarded as the weakest force among all the dynasties in the Heavenly Void. This was all due to the fact that the heavenly power exuded in the area was relatively less than that in other areas, making the spiritual energy evolved less as well.

And if Ricky's assumptions were right, the three completed spiritual kings in the Great Star Dynasty were all just third-class completed spiritual kings.

After walking and travelling for about seven days, Ricky and the other three warriors arrived at a remote place in the Heavenly Void. Should have they walked a little bit more, then they would have arrived at the junction between the Heavenly Void and the chaos, which they could not enter.

During this time, they had already beaten and killed more than a dozen Void Beasts possessing the power of an upper spiritual king. Pearl and the other two warriors refined their blood essence, which helped them improve their strength.

But in this region of void, there was a tiny speck of a gray area. If one did not take a closer look at it, they would not find the difference between it and the other voids.

"It seems that there is an independent space in this region, and this is where the Void Tree is located," Selene said.

"I feel the strong power over this area, and I think that it would be highly unlikely that we could go in," Ricky said flatly upon getting a feel of the area carefully.

"You're right about that, Ricky. This area is indeed sealed by the Great Star Chart, which is a high grade spiritual weapon and also regarded as the top treasure in our Great Star Dynasty. And the only way it could be unsealed is with the strength of a third-class completed spiritual king or above," Selene explained.

"When this area was found for the first time, my father immediately sent someone to seal it with the Great Star Chart to prevent others from discovering it."

"Oh, so that explains it," Ricky said while nodding his head.

"If the Ling Clan didn't take part in the matter in the first place, then we would not have had this much trouble. And in that case, there's only one thing left to do. We need to take away the Void Cell and remove the poison from my father's body," Selene continued. "But the Ling Clan also has a completed spiritual king. In order to prevent the Ling Clan from taking over the throne during that time, my father had no choice but to put forward a condition.

He ordered the second young master of the Ling Clan and Ares, both being in the younger generation, to fight against each other for the Void Cell."

"I see. But you don't have to worry from now on.

also growing gradually.

"What are we waiting for, Ares? Come on and let's find out who has the chance to get the Void Cell! Let's fight with our own strength!" Vincent said to Ares in a disdainful voice. Afterwards, he then took Sela and the others to go into the grey white area.

And without hesitation, Ricky and the other three followed them immediately.


Being a high grade spiritual weapon with a complete hermit spirit, the Great Star Chart could burst power by itself within a certain period of time, and its power could be more than that of any third-class completed spiritual king.

Unfortunately, for the current sealing, the Great Star Chart had already consumed a lot of power that what had remained of it could at most be the power of an upper spiritual king at peak state.

All spiritual weapons had this same kind of weakness—they could only burst power for a long time while being held by their owners. Otherwise, they could only burst a huge amount of power for a short time and would need time to recover even if there was a hermit spirit involved.

Meanwhile, a figure emerged just as the Great Star Chart skipped over the place. Surging with a lot of spiritual energy, the figure suddenly turned into a golden halberd which directly slashed at the Great Star Chart.

Overwhelmed by the surprise offensive sweep, the Great Star Chart then tried to fend it off in a hurry. However, it was too weak to withstand any attack that would get in its way.

"It's you! I can't believe it's you!" the hermit spirit of the Great Star Chart said in astonishment as it had a complete vision of who the figure was.

And all of a sudden, the hermit spirit's voice came into a halt, because there was a golden hand submerging the Great Star Chart in an instant.

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