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   Chapter 804 An Invitation

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"The Void Tree? The Void Cell?" Ricky and Pearl uttered in confusion. Even though Ricky was completely aware of the information mentioned in the jade slip given by Evil Emperor, he had never been introduced to those things before.

"Do they have something to do with the Void Beasts?" Ricky guessed.

"All the Void Beasts in the Heavenly Void are born in the Void Tree's Void Cell." Ares said.

"Really?!" It came as a shock to Ricky and Pearl.

The Void Beasts were also flesh and blood, which made people assume that they reproduced naturally. However, that was not the case.

"That's right! That's how the Void Beasts are born. But, it is almost impossible to find the secluded and hidden tree," Ares continued.

"Then, what functions do the Void Tree and the Void Cell have?" Ricky asked. This must be the point since Ares specially mentioned the Void Tree and the Void Cell.

"A creature can absorb the heavenly power by cultivating on the Void Tree. It's extremely slow in absorbing speed, but actually it's much better than one who isn't able to absorb the heavenly power," Ares explained.

"Absorb the heavenly power!" Ricky and Pearl were stunned at this piece of information.

It was believed that only spiritual emperors could absorb the heavenly power, while the lives beneath that level could only get the heavenly power from the Senses of Realm and the Void Beasts.

The heavenly power in the Senses of Realm could be absorbed only after refining. The heavenly power in the blood essence of the Void Beasts contained too little and the Void Beasts needed to be hunted. Once one left the Heavenly Void, there were no Senses of Realm or Void Beasts.

Neither of the two solutions would last very long.

If they could obtain the Void Tree, even after leaving the Heavenly Void, they would be able to absorb the heavenly power. It was a great opportunity for them irrespective of whether they were spiritual emperors or not.

"The function of the Void Cell is similar to that of

ll because they will never use it to save Father. Instead, they will only strengthen their own clan." Selene expressed her concern.

"As for the second young master of the Ling Clan, we are not a match for him. Otherwise, perhaps falling into the hands of you may be better."

"So that's how it is," Ricky murmured.

"Ricky, we don't have the right to ask for more. After finding the Void Tree and the Void Cell, could you give us half of the Void Cell? We're asking because only the Void Cell that save the king," Ares asked sincerely.

"Ares, I'm the one who should be asking you. You've found this place. After it's done, you can give me half of the Void Cell," Ricky smiled.

"Ricky, please listen to me—"

"Ares, you needn't say anything more. Though, I too desire the Void Tree, I have my principles. Maybe, we are not friends, but we are absolutely not enemies," Ricky interrupted him before he could finish his sentence.

Ricky and Pearl decided to go to the place where the Void Tree was located, because half of the Void Cell were enough to make the two of them move.


Without any hesitation, the four of them headed towards the location of the Void Tree.

This time, they moved forward smoothly with the help of Ricky and Pearl, as they helped them in getting rid of Void Beasts and other hindrances.

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