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   Chapter 803 The Great Star Dynasty

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Ricky noticed that Pearl did not answer his question but shifted his attention instead. He smiled and decided not to aggravate her further. He turned his attention to the corpse of the dead Void Beast.

Although Pearl did not answer him directly, her silence had revealed much more than her words could have.

"The Void Beast was an upper spiritual king, and is of no use to me, but it will help you enhance your strength. Just try and you'll know it," Ricky told Pearl.

He collected the body of the Void Beast, put it into the Devourer Zone and refined it with the Evil Devouring Mouth. Two hours later, he had successfully refined three drops of blood essence.

Ricky felt the power of the blood essence and he could tell that even if he was a third-class upper spiritual king, the blood essence was useless to him.

'It looks like only a Void Beast possessing the power of a completed spiritual king or the peak combat power of an upper spiritual king will have an effect on me, ' Ricky thought to himself.

"Tina, here is a drop of blood essence for you," Ricky told Tina, who was in the Massacring Zone.

"You should give it all to Pearl. Becoming a spiritual king is my limit. No matter what Treasures from Heaven and Earth I refine, I still can't break through again. I may even be devoured by the evil spirit," Tina told him honestly.

"Anyway, by the next time you drive the evil spirit out of me, I will have accumulated enough energy in the Massacring Zone to make a breakthrough."

"In that case, I will just give it all to Pearl," Ricky conceded generously.

He went and passed all the three drops of blood essence to Pearl.

"It seems that the Void Beast of this level doesn't work on you," Pearl said as she accepted the blood essence from him gratefully.

Ricky just smiled and stopped himself from teasing her more.

Unexpectedly, Pearl gave a drop of blood essence to Selene. She passed the blood essence with very brief eye contact and acted like it was no big deal.

"This drop of blood essence of the Void Beast might be helpful to heal the wounds on his body." "Oh, thank you. Thank you very much!" Selene exclaimed gratefully. It was a bit embarrassing to accept pity from others but she could not refuse because Ares was heavily injured. Her pride as a princess took a seat back when it was Ares' safety that was in danger.

use she could already strengthen herself with the Void Beasts in their current location.

However, when she heard Ricky's words, Pearl no longer responded. Once again, her silence offered a resounding acceptance that she was too stubborn to admit.

Ares and Selene looked at each other knowingly and smiled as they listened to Ricky and Pearl bicker.

"Ares, how can we get to the other empires?" Ricky asked. "I can give you a rough map of the Heavenly Void,"

Ares offered immediately. It was a small thing that they could do compared to what Ricky had done for them.

"Thank you very much," Ricky said excitedly.

And so, Ares handed the map to Ricky. Although it was rough, it marked clearly the conditions of every empire's regions.

"Thanks to you and your map, we will not get lost," Ricky thanked them as he smiled happily.

When they were done talking, Ricky and Pearl also prepared to leave.

However, as they looked at each other, Ares and Selene seemed to be in deep thought.

"It is our destiny that we met. I hope you don't mind but can you tell me if you need my help? I would be more than willing to assist you." Ares and Selene were surprised when Ricky said this. It seemed that he had read their minds.

"What a surprise! You knew it just from our eye contact. Then I'll cut to the chase."

"Ha-ha, it doesn't matter!" Ricky smiled at them when he saw how embarrassed they looked. It seemed that it was not easy for them to reveal whatever they would be telling him now.

"Ricky, do you know the Void Tree and the Void Cell?" Ares asked.

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