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   Chapter 801 The Void Beast

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Ricky learned a lot after the information entered his Soul Sea.

A Heavenly Void could be viewed as a small universe. Heavenly law and all kinds of power came from the Heavenly Void. The power that all creatures cultivated came from there as well.

As for the power of the Heavenly Void, none of the creatures knew where it came from. Perhaps only the gods knew the answer.

Ricky also found out that there were Heavenly Voids in different regions and they varied in size and level.

On the other side of the Heavenly Void, there was endless chaos. It was left unexplored and was virtually unknown because it was impossible for even a master who was above the Saint Level to walk in the chaos.

The power in the Heavenly Void was suitable for spiritual emperors and saints to cultivate. However, it was a pity that no spiritual emperor or saint was allowed to enter any Heavenly Void.

As for these disciples, it did not matter whether they were upper spiritual kings or completed spiritual kings. They could not feel the heavenly law power in the Heavenly Void unless they found the Sense of Realm.

Once the Senses of Realm entered the Heavenly Void, some of them were left wandering in the Heavenly Void, while others entered the floating lands in the Heavenly Void.

There were various lands that floated in the Heavenly Void.

Beside the chaos, the Heavenly Void was connected to an intangible space. In ancient times, stronger warriors had fought against each other and broken the continents into pieces, many of which had entered the Heavenly Void. Gradually, these pieces of continents evolved into real continents in the Heavenly Void.

Countless years had passed since then, and a lot of geniuses had entered the Heavenly Void. Some of them had stayed on the continents in the Heavenly Void where their descendants had been born. As time passed by, creatures that lived on the continents prospered and multiplied.

'According to the information, the creatures in the Heavenly Void are unfriendly to foreign creatures like us. It also mentioned that there are stronger creatures that inhabit the continents with the same goal as us. They also want to seize the Senses of Realm, ' Ricky thought to himself.

'In that case, while fighting for the Senses of Realm, I have to confront not only the foreign geniuses but also those from this place as well.

What's more, most Senses of Realm would come to the continents. That would make it more difficult

aintly exuded a domineering aura. Dressed in beast hide, the young man held a long golden stick tightly in his hand. The figure of a yellow ape emerged from behind him.

The blood power vaguely exposed that the young man could be a creature of a spiritual king beast.

On the other hand, the young woman was elegant. She wore a leather skirt which showed her perfect figure. Her beautiful eyes showed her somber attitude. She held a long sword and her whole body was filled with the red long sword domain.

At this time, the young man and the young woman looked quite disheveled. They were in a difficult position because the two of them were much weaker than the Void Beast even when they cooperated and put their strengths together.

They could not beat the Void Beast, nor could they escape. The Void Beast got its name because it had a far better understanding of space than other creatures. It was difficult for other creatures to excel against the Void Beast in terms of speed unless they were higher in level than the Void Beast.

"What should we do, Ares?" The young woman seemed to be losing hope already. She was sobbing harshly as she looked at the young man.

"Selene, I will reveal my real body and become berserk. I think that could hold this Void Beast for a while more. During that time, you have to leave as soon as possible. We can't die here together." The young man's voice was low as if he was afraid to freak her out.

"No, I can't leave you alone!" The young woman violently rejected the idea. She shook her head wildly as she clutched at his hand tightly.

"Listen to me, Selene. You should know that I am a man."

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