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   Chapter 800 Breaking The Void And Entering

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"Ricky, please tell me the truth!" Zenith whispered to Ricky.

"Chief Zenith, I'm sorry. The people from the Phoenix tribe came and they were too strong. I could do nothing but watch as Master Grace was taken away!" Ricky answered as he breathed harshly. He was trying hard to control his emotions. He clenched his fists tightly by his side and gritted his teeth.

"It is indeed done by the members of the Phoenix tribe. I have often feared for this day, and now my fears have finally come to pass. It's not your fault, Ricky. Please don't blame yourself.

Can you tell me how it happened?"

Zenith comforted Ricky even though he felt upset as well. Ricky told Zenith what had happened but skipped the part where Lanny came back and tried to kill him.

"Ricky, as you said, it is very likely that Grace possesses strong blood power of the Phoenix tribe. This may be the reason why the Phoenix tribe was so gracious towards her. I do not think that she is in any immediate danger now," Zenith told Ricky after a few minutes of silence. He was fairly sure that Grace was in no danger so Ricky had enough time to strengthen himself.

"Please don't blame yourself. Instead, focus on your future; I know that you would go to the Phoenix tribe one day and take her back."

Ricky was greatly comforted and moved. "Chief Zenith, I understand. I won't blame myself anymore. I will certainly go to the Phoenix tribe when I am powerful enough and bring her back."

"I believe you. If I am strong enough at that time, I will surely go with you."

As they talked, they could see that Jasper was talking with Cheryl through their telepathic link.

"Ricky, there are two of our acquaintances in the Southern Array Sect," Zenith said to Ricky by telepathy again.

"Really? Two acquaintances?" Ricky said doubtfully as he looked at the Southern Array Sect.

As expected, he saw two acquaintances. One was Boris and the other was an array deployer who had been invited initially by Boris.

"That array deployer's name is Vernon Li. He is a talented disciple of the Southern Array Sect. Cheryl and I decided to join the Northern Array Sect because of them. If we do not join the Northern Array Sect, we will have no support. It will be difficult for us to fight these two men in that case,"

Zenith explained to Ricky as they subtly glanced at the direction of the two men.

At that time, Boris and Vernon had also noticed Ricky. They spoke to him by telepathy, their tone

r all the disciples had entered, the spiritual emperors removed their powers. Not too long after, the entrance disappeared thoroughly as if it had never existed.

"Everyone, we don't know what's going on inside, nor do we know when all the Senses of Realm will be refined. Therefore, we can only wait here for a period of time," Isaac reminded the others. When they heard this, the other spiritual emperors nodded politely although some of them were already well-aware of this fact.

They all separated and seated themselves in the void as they waited for their disciples.

Years passed quickly just like an instant for the spiritual emperors.

Inside the passage, it was just the endless void. After they entered, the disciples were swept by a windstorm and scattered everywhere. When the situation was stabilized, Ricky appeared in a grey space by himself.

"Is this the Heavenly Void?" Ricky murmured as he looked around.

In the Heavenly Void, he felt the existence of some power. The power seemed to be everywhere in the space, but he couldn't touch it.

It was obvious that the power was stronger than the enlightening power. That could be the only explanation why Ricky could feel it but could not touch it.

'It seems that this is the heavenly power. Only the spiritual emperors can touch it and use it. A demi-spiritual emperor can touch it but cannot use it, ' Ricky thought to himself.

"Well, then let me see what I need to pay attention to in the Heavenly Void," Ricky murmured. Then, he took out the jade slip given by Evil Emperor and crushed it quickly. A piece of information was immediately integrated into his mind.

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