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   Chapter 799 Seeing Zenith Again

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7533

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"Luxurious Emperor, this isn't the time to pick a fight. If you proceed, I'll have to stop you myself," the Evil Emperor warned him through telepathy. He had sensed the Luxurious Emperor's ruling power emerging.

Although his murderous gaze couldn't hide his desire to give in to his urge and kill Ricky, the Luxurious Emperor had no other choice but to withdraw.

In the presence of both the Evil Emperor and the Oriental Emperor, there was nothing he could do against Ricky, unless he allied with some other spiritual emperors. However, no spiritual emperor would make such a move before the battle for the Senses of Realm came to an end.

This was due to the obstacle weakening the Heavenly Void. It demanded all the spiritual emperors from the Eastern Land to work together in order to remove it.

Ricky, meanwhile, deliberately ignored the Luxurious Emperor. When he looked around, he saw a group of people from the Casting Center led by Gorden. Then, he greeted Kylie and Finley and used his telepathy to talk to Meade.

"How are you? Did the Endless Shadow or the Nether Manor cause any trouble for your master?"

"Of course they did. But, fortunately, Gorden stood out and prevented them from taking action for the time being," Meade responded.

"Relax. Now that those forces have attempted to take action, it means that our plan has succeeded," Ricky guaranteed.

After, Ricky glanced at the Endless Shadow from the Dark Fallen Realm. That was the most powerful Endless Shadow force in the whole Eastern Land.

Near, there were two spiritual emperors in black. They were the second and the third leaders of the Endless Shadow. The former was called Winston while the latter was called Hubert. Word was that the two spiritual emperors' strength didn't pale to the Luxurious Emperor's.

'Will this Endless Shadow's top leader's body also turn into a drop of blood essence after he dies?' Ricky couldn't help but wonder.

Next, Ricky shifted his gaze skyward, where three figures stood. They were the Nether Manor's deputy chiefs—Isaac, Dane and Keen.

'I heard the chief of the Nether Manor and the Old Oriental Emperor are creatures from the same generation. I wonder how strong they are now, ' Ricky thought.

Once again,

quickly looked around and saw Zenith on the airship. Next to him, there was a woman. That was Cheryl.

Now Ricky understood why Jasper also got the same sense of Deja Vu.

Soon, Zenith and Cheryl approached Ricky.

"Chief, I can't believe I'm seeing you here," Ricky stated excitedly.

Ricky had Zenith as a patron to him on his path to martial arts. So, he just couldn't contain his excitement to get to see Zenith one more time.

"Me, too. I knew you would grow fast, but I'm also stunned to see you here in person," Zenith confessed.

"Chief, have you joined the Array Sect?" Ricky asked.

"Yes. During the cultivation, Cheryl and I obtained the heritage of a spiritual emperor from the Array Sect. Then, Leslie saw us and invited us to join the Northern Array Sect," Zenith responded.

"Since we also need the Sense of Realm, we've accepted his invitation."

"So you are an array deployer now," Ricky said, impressed. He was very pleased to hear Zenith had such a great opportunity.

"I've only gotten a rough understanding of array deployment so far. But if you're interested in it, I can teach you when we have the time," Zenith offered playfully.

"I'm afraid array deployment isn't among my talents, Chief," Ricky replied with a chuckle.

"By the way, how is Grace doing?" Zenith asked.

Ricky couldn't disguise the gloomy look on his face once he heard Grace's name.

As soon as Zenith noticed the sudden change in Ricky's mood, he knew something wasn't right.

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