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   Chapter 797 The Appearance Of The Senses Of Realm

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7698

Updated: 2020-02-09 00:12

With such a desire filling his body, Rick devilishly smirked. He didn't attempt to hide his feelings. He didn't really have to, not from the woman in front of him.

"Ricky, what are you thinking about?" Tina asked coyly. Her pale cheeks blushed in deep red once she noticed his not-so-innocent smile.

"Tina, you're turning more and more beautiful every passing day," Ricky replied in a flirtatious tone. His smile widened as he stepped towards her. As he got nearer, Tina could feel his breath on her skin. Such closeness made her feel so nervous that part of her just wanted to go away and find a place to hide.

Once close enough, Ricky stretched his arms and pulled Tina into his embrace. Then, he told her seriously, "Tina, for a moment, I really thought I was going to lose you."

Nestling in his arms, Tina responded softly, "Ricky, nothing bad happened. All is fine. We can safely say we were both blessed in misfortune. I think God has been helping us."

Ricky didn't reply, nor did Tina say anything else. There was no need for words then. They knew they had just fallen in love again.

In silence, they just kept holding each other dearly.

"Tina, am I a bit fickle in love? Grace, Pearl, and you..." Ricky suddenly asked in a soft tone.

"Yeah, I guess you can be quite a playboy!" Tina giggled.

Ricky gapped, choosing to shift the topic of their conversation next.

"Tina, you burst out some mutant power while breaking through the Thunderstroke Doom. You did it in secret, but I could feel it. Was your mutant suppressed by the evil spirit?" Ricky asked.

"That's right. But now that one percent of the evil spirit has been removed, I guess my mutant power could finally show." Tina nodded.

"Don't worry. I no longer fear the evil spirit inside of you. But I'm afraid, because of the restrictions of my cultivation level, I'll only be able to help you get rid of it gradually. Once I become a demi-spiritual emperor, I'll remove it for you all at once," Ricky promised.

"I believe you," Tina said.

"My family's blood power is called the Refining Blood, so my mutant should be the Refining Blood Mutant. At least, all the geniuses from my clan have Refining Blood Mutants. But I don't know for sure if that's my case. I guess I'll only find out once it shows it

ter. All of the disciples promptly stopped their activities to turn their attentions to them.

"Is there an enemy coming?" a disciple asked. All of them were confused by the two spiritual emperors' unannounced presence. But as they looked closely, there was no trace of threat on their faces.

"Is it possible that the Sense of Realm has appeared?" some elder disciple said.


Both the Evil Emperor and the Oriental Emperor exchanged glances. Nodding at each other, they clasped their hands and released their ruling power. All of a sudden, a stream of energy was lifted from the whole college as it disappeared into thin air.

There was no doubt they had just removed the array power, which protected the Oriental College.


The removal of the array power enabled the power of fortune and the power of supreme enlightenment to emerge right above the Oriental College. These two kinds of powers were both tangible and intangible.

Everyone had their eyes fixed on them when the two kinds of power quickly merged together. They soon formed three transparent red light masses, each about three feet high.

"The Senses of Realm! It's true. The Senses of Realm!" The Oriental College disciples couldn't believe their eyes.

"Unexpectedly, this time there are three Senses of Realm in our Oriental College. In the past, there was only one...maybe two!"

"It's probably because this time there is a peerless genius and an ace genius in our college."

At that moment, the Sense of Realm finally could be seen.

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