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   Chapter 796 A Blessing In Disguise

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"It's okay," Tina said absentmindedly. She couldn't feel any evil spirit. Though, she was so dazed that she didn't know what expression she had on her face. At that moment, she couldn't point out exactly how she felt. Relieved? Excited? Perhaps both.

All she knew was the strong sense of release she had inside. It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

For the first time, she could sense the existence of the elixir field in her body.

Before, it was just full of evil spirit. But as one percent had been removed, now she could finally sense her spiritual energy.

"I can feel now the innate spiritual energy," Tina said excitedly once she came back to her senses.

"Ricky, thank you!" Tina was honest.

When Ricky was finally able to relax, he focused on clearing the remaining evil spirit in his body. Tina didn't disturb Ricky. As she was able to feel the innate spiritual energy, it had made her unconsciously start cultivating.


'The Evil Devouring Mouth is a kind of stronger devouring Omnipotent Skill developed from the Blood Vitality Devouring Skill. It can devour all sorts of power!' Ricky was immersed in the Omnipotent Skill he had newly comprehended.

The said skill was more powerful and advantageous than the Blood Vitality Devouring Skill.

In order to make the Blood Vitality Devouring Skill break out, Ricky needed to make use of his own blood vitality. As a skill, it caused great loss to both sides. The Evil Devouring Mouth, on the other hand, didn't demand the same energy. Moreover, it could also provide Rick with some power in return.

Nevertheless, making use of both the Devouring Storm and the Blood Vitality Devouring Skill could highly enhance Ricky's comprehension of the devouring Omnipotent Skill.

'Perhaps only when I have a great grasp of the Blood Vitality Devouring Skill will I be able to understand such a great Omnipotent Skill as the Evil Devouring Mouth. In other words, this skill needs to break and then set. Only by experiencing destruction will I be able to perfectly understand the devouring skill!' Ricky thought to himself.

Then, Ricky's mind dived right into his elixir field.

The evil spirit hadn't v

ple purple lights descended as rapidly as pythons.

With her innate power released, Tina went on full force against the Thunderstroke Doom.

Such an extraordinary event naturally turned heads. Many other disciples in the Oriental College stopped their cultivation so they could watch Tina.

"It seems that Ricky's friend is undergoing the Thunderstroke Doom," one disciple whispered.

"Ricky is so lucky to have such a beautiful woman with him apart from the pretty Pearl," another disciple commented.

"To be honest, this woman's temper seems to be a little easier than Pearl's. There is no doubt that Ricky is really lucky to have her on his side.

It seems that we need to work hard on our cultivation as well. Once we have enough strength, there could be all kinds of women waiting for us."


Ricky couldn't help but want to roll his eyes at what the disciples around were discussing.

However, he managed to be friendly and greet everyone while he waited for Tina to go through the Thunderstroke Doom. Ricky didn't worry that she wasn't going to make it. After suppressing her power on the demi-immortal level for such a long time, the Thunderstroke Doom wouldn't be able to shake her.

After she successfully went through the Thunderstroke Doom, Ricky and Tina made their way back to the cave.

Admiring her up close, Ricky saw Tina as natural and lovable as a lotus floating on water. That picture had just ignited his desire to win her.

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