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   Chapter 795 The Evil Devouring Mouth

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At this moment, Ricky also found it unbelievable. His relaxed eyes suddenly turned to slits and once again, he sensed the extreme danger around him.

"That's what I want!" Ricky exclaimed in a hoarse voice. "But now, my devouring power and chromatic energy are no longer enough to pass on the evil spirit to you."

Ricky ignored an important point that while it was absolutely true that the chromatic energy could restrain the evil spirit, the power of Ricky was way lower than the evil spirit in Tina's body.

Ricky's chromatic energy was just like a cub lion, whose strength could by no means compare with that of an adult antelope.

'This time, it's all my fault. I completely underestimated the power of the evil spirit that can't even be eliminated by the saints. I was way too overconfident. I believed that the chromatic energy was invincible. I was just arrogant and conceited.

And the price I have to pay for my excessive self-confidence this time would be the mine and Tina's lives, ' Ricky thought regretfully to himself.

He was feeling horribly guilty. He didn't care if he lost his life because of his arrogance, but he couldn't forgive himself for inflicting any sort of discomfort on Tina.

But he knew that this was not the time for introspection or dwelling over guilt. He had to focus and he couldn't give up until the last moment.

"Then what should we do?" Tina asked, her panic evident in her voice. "The power of the array inside my body can't come out of my body at all."

"Tina, I'm so sorry for causing this trouble to you this time. I was arrogant and presumptuous, but I won't give up," Ricky told Tina earnestly.

On hearing Ricky's words, Tina fell silent. The panic in her eyes was suddenly replaced by firm determination.

"Ricky, I'm ready for everything. I won't regret it even if it turns out to be bad," Tina said passionately.

"Tina, thank you for believing in me and being together with me," Ricky said. "However, I will not give up my own life, and I will definitely not give up yours either."

After that, Ricky covered the Devourer Zone with all his mind and unleashed all the blood vitality in his body with his full strength. He then integrated this with the chromatic energy.

"Blood Vitality Devouring

herefore, the Devourer Zone was resisting the evil spirit together with Ricky.

Seeing the black dot, Ricky no longer felt any hesitation. His entire mind was focused on the black dot. The Devouring Mutant activated all the devouring runes, and all the enlightenment power entered the black dot.

Meanwhile, chromatic energy also worked on it.

As a result, the black dot began to absorb all the wisps of blood vitality that filled the air all over the place. At the same time, the black dot grew bigger swiftly, and it stopped enlarging when it reached about three meters in diameter.

After that, the black ball started to change its form. It transformed directly into a giant black mouth in which the scarlet devouring runes were transformed into teeth.

The next moment, the huge black mouth started to bite Ricky.

"Evil Devouring Mouth, devour it!" Ricky couldn't help but scream.

The Evil Devouring Mouth was provided to him by the Devourer Zone. Following the Devouring Storm and the Blood Vitality Devouring Skill, it was another Omnipotent Skill that had been evolved in the Devourer Zone.


The next moment, as the Evil Devouring Mouth closed, Ricky's body was completely wiped out. Then, the Evil Devouring Mouth began to shrink. At last, Ricky's body emerged while the Evil Devouring Mouth completely fused into his body.

Meanwhile, the evil spirit in Ricky's body had completely disappeared.

Tina, who was by his side, didn't feel any evil spirit in Ricky's body either.

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