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   Chapter 794 Strong Evil Spirit

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"Don't worry. I know what I'm doing." Ricky nodded.

He conditioned his mind to ensure he was in the best state, before he concentrated all of his thoughts and strength. He then pushed the Devouring Mutant to the limit. His whole body almost turned into the devouring runes.

Once everything he needed was finally ready, he released the Blood Vitality Devouring Skill.

The Blood Vitality Devouring Skill was a kind of Omnipotent Skill that required a warrior to burn his own blood vitality.

Ricky infused all of his devouring power into two wisps of blood. Since his mind was attached to the wisps of blood, it enabled him to direct his wisps of blood using telepathy. His wisps of blood penetrated Tina's body through her shoulder.

All the evil spirit in Tina's body was sealed in the elixir field. That was why she couldn't make a breakthrough and become an innate spiritual king.

Two wisps of blood, together with Ricky's intense concentration soon reached Tina's elixir field. In the elixir field, he could sense a huge array.

He only had one feeling about this array: it was so deep and vast. The profound feeling it generated was an indication that even though Ricky was an upper spiritual king, he still had very little understanding of this array.

Deep inside the array, he sensed a kind of ancient power that made his heart palpitate. It was undoubtedly the strong evil spirit in Tina's body.

'Doris once said that even the almighty saint couldn't drive the evil spirit out. As such, it is very likely that the evil spirit residing within Tina belonged to a devil emperor, who is more powerful than a saint, ' Ricky thought to himself.

At the same time, his mind also saw the evil spirit flowing and hovering over the array. In the past, he had dispelled the evil spirit outside of the array. Most of the energy emanated by the evil spirit had already been absorbed by the array and thus they could be dispelled.

At the same time, because the power of the array was constantly consumed, it was inevitable that the array would be consumed by evil spirit one day. That fateful day would be when Tina succumbed to her death.

Without hesitation, the two wisps of blood devoured the evil spirit outside the array. He eliminated the evil spirit in the Devourer zone.

It was all done in a matter of minutes.

"Tina, use the power of the array to release one percent of the evil spirit from the array's depths. My strength is just enough to eliminate one percent of the evil spirit," Ricky requested Tina. He

evil spirit!" Ricky said excitedly.

"Ricky, what kind of power is it? How can it resist the evil spirit? Is it stronger than your devouring power?" Tina couldn't believe her eyes.

"I don't know yet exactly what kind of power defines this chromatic energy, but it definitely has a suppressing effect on the evil spirit. All I know about this impressive energy is that it is another power residing within my body," Ricky admitted.

"Ricky, how many kinds of the most powerful forces in the world do you have!?" Tina exclaimed. How many more surprises could this fellow hide in that one body of his?

"Ha-ha! I don't know. The chromatic energy awakened when I was in the Casting Center." Ricky smiled and shrugged. Even he himself couldn't help but feel surprised by all the new powers he kept on discovering within himself.

Thanks to his chromatic energy, both Tina and Ricky started to feel more confident that they were about to succeed.

However, what they didn't expect was the sudden turn of events that took place the very next moment. After a seeming calm in the storm brought by the chromatic energy, the ferocious force that was nestled deep inside the evil spirit's core seemed to have been triggered. Strangely, it began to triple in its strength and viciousness.


A single sweep of force from the evil spirit was all it took to crush the chromatic energy and the devouring power. It didn't take long before it took over Ricky's flesh and blood and continued ravishing it bit by bit.

"How is it possible that the evil spirit has become stronger?" Tina said in disbelief. "Ricky, please, don't hesitate anymore. Transfer the excessive evil spirit to me."

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