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   Chapter 793 Fulfilled A Little Promise

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'This spiritual power may have evolved from Pearl's feminine power and devouring power. She must be cultivating both her soul and a soul-related cultivation method using that soul-restoring pill, ' Ricky guessed as he felt the spiritual power coming from Pearl.

"What are you doing here?" As soon as she felt the arrival of Ricky, she immediately paused from her training.

"Pearl, I can feel that you are cultivating a special kind of spiritual power. Care to tell me what it is? Who knows, maybe I have a surprise waiting for you." Ricky winked. He smiled though her face was contorted in annoyance.

"I can't afford to waste precious time on your surprises." Pearl waved her hand at him dismissively.

"All right, since you don't want it, then it only proves that I am misjudging the situation. I was simply thinking about giving you the remaining one-third of the Heaven Soul Stone, but alas..." Ricky then prepared to leave as he trailed off.

"Heaven Soul Stone." Pearl slowly rose to her feet. "You still have a third of it?" Before Ricky could leave, he was stopped by Pearl. Her tone and voice had an undeniably ecstatic ring to it.

It was the Heaven Soul Stone, for crying out loud! Why wouldn't she want to get even just a piece of it from Ricky? Still, at the back of her mind, she knew that Ricky needed it more than she did.

If she asked for it, Ricky might give it to her because of their relationship. Perhaps, he might even share it as a way of being a gentleman. Pearl knew that in her own way, she had to do what it took to take advantage of the current situation.

If it were in the past, she would have taken it without any hesitation.

However, her feelings for Ricky had grown and developed into something deeper, something different. Pearl knew that, given how far they had come now, she could no longer do such a thing. That was why she had offered to exchange the dark water for the soul-restoring pill.

Since Ricky now had one third of the Heaven Soul Stone left, she surely didn't want to miss it.

"Of course!" Ricky replied with a smile as he saw the excited look on Pearl's face. Then, he turned over his palm, and the remaining Heaven Soul Stone appeared. Unfortunately for Pearl, it was only for a brief moment. She was shocked when he suddenly took the stone back.

At this, Pearl's face turned rigid. She knew that she was a little too excite

e an upper spiritual king and have the Devouring Mutant at your disposal, expelling the evil spirit will also cause you some harm. And I don't want that." In the end, Tina politely refused Ricky's offer.

"Tina, it doesn't matter. I can only drive out a small amount of the evil spirit for you at the moment, and it will not harm me. I'm confident about this." Ricky tried his best to ease Tina's worries.

"Another thing, I don't know when the battle for the Sense of Realm will end. In the past, my strength was not yet enough for me to drive out even just a small fraction of the evil spirit for you. But now that I have the ability, I have to fulfill my promise.

This is also a man's promise.

So you don't have to say anything this time. I have already made up my mind."

Upon his declaration, Ricky brought Tina into the Devourer Zone. This time, she didn't refuse.

Although she didn't want Ricky to dispel the evil spirit for her just yet, it was Ricky's decision and the sincerity he showed her that finally made her agree and accept his kind offer. If were to refuse him once more, she would only end up hurting him.

Besides, she believed in Ricky, because she had a crush on the man.

"Tina, from now on, you just need to calm down and concentrate. I will handle everything. Perhaps I can't expel that much evil spirit right now, but I am sure I will reduce your pain," Ricky said reassuringly.

"I understand. But Ricky, you must remember, don't push yourself too hard. Do you hear me?" Tina responded decidedly, although she still couldn't help but worry about him.

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