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   Chapter 792 Refining The Heaven Soul Stone

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The following day, Weldon arrived at the appointed time. He did not eat his words.

Weldon was right. After he transferred Ricky's requirement to the Bu Clan, the Bu Clan did not decline despite their unwillingness to give those precious resources to Ricky. Still, they agreed because they were afraid that Ricky would become more powerful in the future. If they refused his requirement, then the Bu Clan would remain an enemy of his and it would bring them no good.

"Here you go, Ricky. All the resources you have demanded are placed in this storage ring," Weldon said as he passed over a storage ring to Ricky.

"They are not stupid. That's great. I just wish that they would not hit me when I am down," Ricky said with a smile as he reached out to take the storage ring.

"Don't worry, Ricky. I'll be the first one to fight against the Bu Clan if they ever break their promise. After all, I'm the one who offered my endorsement for them," Weldon promised and assured Ricky.

They talked for a few more moments before Weldon bade goodbye to Ricky. The two of them still had to concentrate on their individual cultivation as the fight over the Sense of Realm was getting closer.

After Weldon left, Ricky left Tina in the cave before he entered the Massacring Zone to cultivate. As for Pearl, Ricky also made her practice in the Massacring Zone. Pearl would also be participating in the battle for the Sense of Realm.

Although Pearl was not offered a place by any force, she would still be able to participate in the battle since Ricky could bring her.

"My Iron Destroyer needs to be cast again, but I think I can do it later. After I finish the cultivation this time, I will be more powerful and I will have a better understanding of runes," Ricky murmured to himself in the Massacring Zone.

He took out the two powerful bracelets that the Evil Emperor had given him. With blood dripping down, he became the master of the two bracelets, which merged into his wrists.

Bang! Ricky instantly felt that his body was being pressed down by four medium-sized mountains. He was caught off guard as he lay down helplessly in the Massacring Zone.

"What? Are you really practicing?" Pearl, who was practicing not far away, teased in a cold voice. She found it delightful to see Ricky struggle.

On the other hand, she also noticed something different and guessed that Ricky must be undergoing some sort of weight training.

"Pearl, can't you just be nice to me for a bit?" Ricky muttered as he mustered his spiritual energy and struggled to stand up.

"Do you think it's possible?" Pearl asked instead, ignoring the ace genius's plea.


ss to say, Ricky was able to become an upper spiritual king so easily. He now could see that there was a clearer road in front of him. That was the exact path through which he could continue his cultivation. All the previous barriers he encountered no longer posed a problem for he knew he now could handle each impediment with much ease.

After he broke through, Ricky felt that the oppressive force from the two bracelets had reduced a little.

Bang! Ricky no longer suppressed his own momentum. His momentum exploded, and the entire area was enshrouded by his realm.

"Finally, I made it! I've become an upper spiritual king!" Ricky could almost feel his heart leap out of his chest. There was a hint of confidence in his eyes.

"The Heaven Soul Stone is such a convenient tool!" Ricky sighed. If he wanted to become an upper spiritual king without the Heaven Soul Stone, it would be very difficult, unless he had other precious and useful treasures or enormous chances in his hands.

There was still a half of the power left in the Heaven Soul Stone. Ricky continued his cultivation. By the time that only a third of the stone's power was left, he had already successfully enhanced his current level and advanced as an upper spiritual king.

"Well, the next thing is casting," Ricky whispered to himself.

"But before I start the casting, there is something I should do. I need to see Pearl."

As he uttered those words, Ricky moved quickly and transported himself to the place where Pearl was cultivating. That time, she was fully concentrating on her cultivation. Two types of powers were flowing within her body. One was the devouring power and the other was the feminine power.

Ricky also felt the thick haze of spiritual power lingering in the air.

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