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   Chapter 791 The Final Candidates Were Resolute

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'Now that I'm resolute to defeat him, I need to be quick. So, let's see how powerful the Space-shrinking Pace is, ' Ricky pondered just as he got out of the Devouring Storm.

With a determined look on his face, he activated the massacring power around his body and then unleashed a slim portion embedded in his Golden Spirit Eyes. The dazzling golden light spread around and blocked all the warriors' sights.

Of course, the trick didn't manage to block the eyes of the Evil Emperor or the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor.

"What is he doing? Are his eyes sending this strong energy?" the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor asked in shock.

A living creature's eyes were probably the most vulnerable parts of their bodies. Mostly, the eyes couldn't carry such a strong power unless they were special somehow. When Ricky conveyed that kind of energy, the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor and the Evil Emperor couldn't deny their confusion.

Ricky had anticipated they might have been surprised once they noticed his special performance. So, he just used a tiny portion of energy embedded in his Golden Spirit Eyes to conceal his real strength. It didn't really matter, though, if the Evil Emperor and the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor felt curious about his eyes.

"It seems we are still missing something about his eyes." The Evil Emperor frowned his eyebrows in confusion.


Ricky's golden eyes weren't enough to cause any kind of damage to Weldon. But as the violent air waves stroke, Weldon's vision got blurred and he was unable to see anything clearly from that point on.

Ricky, however, was able to see everything thanks to his Golden Spirit Eyes.

That was the moment to take action. Ricky infused all his power into his legs in preparation to release his Space-shrinking Pace.

Ricky had already shifted ten meters forward in one step, previously.

Thus, now, within a few seconds he took six steps towards Weldon, which meant he had moved about sixty meters. The moment Weldon was finally able to see again, what he saw was Ricky's Iron Destroyer against his neck.

Weldon couldn't bring himself to feel anything but a mix of shock and disbelief.

His vision betrayed him only for a few seconds. But how did Ricky get to him? Didn't

fficult for the Bu Clan in the future. But as for the cultivation resources, I want them to be at the King Level. Besides, I need some casting tools and materials to forge spiritual weapon at the intermediate stage," Ricky promptly told him.

"Is the Bu Clan okay with it?"

"I think your requirements are fair enough. The Bu Clan can afford them. I believe they'll agree with your terms. I will personally hand them over to you at this time tomorrow. How do you like it?" Weldon responded.

"That's great. Thank you so much, Weldon," concluded Ricky.


As soon as all the battles were over, the results came out. Among the twelve eliminated were Daisy and Jules, which meant they weren't fit to fight for the Sense of Realm.

Ricky was sorry about it. After all, he really cared about Daisy.

But on the other hand, he also felt it turned out to be good that she wasn't qualified. Unfortunately, she wasn't strong enough to compete for the Sense of Realm. The competition was hard and could easily get her killed.


'It's time for me to cultivate in seclusion, ' Ricky thought to himself after everything was done.

Before the battle for the Sense of Realm came, Ricky was resolute to break through and become an upper spiritual king. Every warrior knew this was the only way to have a chance to win against the completed spiritual kings who would cross their ways.

But before Ricky could go into seclusion, he would wait for Weldon to bring him the cultivation resources he was promised.

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