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   Chapter 790 Devouring Storm Versus Ink Rain

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Gasping for breath, Ricky and Hugh looked at each other and smiled, making the other disciples unable to figure out which of them was the winner.

Neither Ricky nor Hugh cared much about the result of the battle. Both of the gentlemen had a really great time during the battle. This was a battle between friends, which satisfied both of them very much.

"For this fight, I will call it a draw. Do you agree with me?" the Evil Emperor said. He thought that there was no need for the two to continue fighting, so he stepped forward to stop them.

If they were to continue fighting, all of their trump cards would otherwise be revealed. There were many disciples in the Oriental College present to witness the battle. The possibility of spies camouflaging among the disciples was high, and therefore it would be risky to exhibit their best-kept moves and the full capacity of their power.

Should their trump cards be carelessly exposed, it would be greatly disadvantageous for them by the time they engaged in the battle for the Sense of Realm.

"A draw? Again!?" The Evil Emperor's declaration left some of the disciples dissatisfied and a little unhappy. After all, they were looking forward to the outcome of the battle between the two. They were eager to determine which of the two warriors was stronger.

On second thought, the disciples were able to figure out why the Evil Emperor had intervened and called a draw.

"We agree with you, sir," Ricky and Hugh unitedly replied and acknowledged the Evil Emperor's decision. Of course, they both understood what the Evil Emperor meant.

"But you won't have any point accumulated from this battle. Although your fight technically ended in a draw, both of you can only take it as a defeat," the Evil Emperor said with a smile.

"Of course!"

Just like that, the fierce battle between Ricky and Hugh concluded and the competition continued on to the next round.

In the fifth round, Ricky fought against the woman named Violet. Ricky confronted Henry during the sixth round and it was another fierce fight. During the seventh round, Ricky was paired against Daisy and in the eighth round, Ricky fought another powerful disciple. As he reached the ninth round, it was Soar who exchanged blows with Ricky at the other side of the arena.

At this time, Soar's strength had become very close to that of an upper spiritual king at peak state. In fact he had just broken through and become a second-class upper spiritual king.

Unfortunately, his newfound strength still couldn't compare with Ricky. Defeated by

nt. Drops of ink appeared and floated within the zone that surrounded the ink and the brush.


Merging with the Ink Enlightenment, the Ink Rain drops dashed towards Ricky at lightning speed. Thick cracks appeared in the space where the Ink Rain drops passed.

As they kept on fighting, the Ink Rain drops shape-shifted into warriors and war horses.

They looked like the thousands of troops galloping on the open space.

"It's a very powerful move! It's almost as powerful as Hugh's Three Hell Strikes," Ricky mumbled to himself. "But this time, I have to beat him."

He narrowed his eyes at his targets. "Because I want to seize this opportunity to tear the Bu Clan apart."

As his brutal thoughts clouded his mind, an evil smile formed at the corners of his mouth.

Ricky concealed his entire body with the devouring runes, and two enlightening windstorms appeared in the palms of his hands.

"Devouring Omnipotent Skill! Devouring Storm!"

Ricky exclaimed. The runes merged with his body. Even with the storm that swept violently throughout the entire battlefield, he relentlessly and fiercely collided with the thousands of troops that were formed from the Ink Rain.

The attack launched by Weldon spread across the breadth of the arena. Yet, Ricky casually and fearlessly went head-to-head against it with the Devouring Storm.


The Devouring Storm crashed against the Ink Rain. As the two powerful strikes collided against each other, it looked like the sky was about to collapse at any minute.

Following the exchange of immense blows, everything else around them submerged.

But just as the waves engulfed everything, Ricky geared himself for another counterattack.

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