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   Chapter 789 Three Strikes Versus Three Strikes

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"Haha, it is true. This is exactly the kind of collision that we expected and perhaps hoped for." Through that one single collision, Ricky could feel Hugh's vast blood power as well. The overbearing saber skills he had cultivated were nothing short of extraordinary. It was without a hint of doubt a powerful heritage.

But it wasn't really a surprise. To be honest, there was never any room for doubt.

If he could get Jasper's approval, he must be nothing short of outstanding.

"Haha! Why do I have a feeling you still haven't shown me your true saber skills, Ricky? Let's have another collision this way!" Hugh said. He was now completely engaged into this battle and he was curious to see Ricky's real strength.

"So I hope you'll start entertaining me with your true skills," Ricky said also with mounting interest in the ensuing battle.

Boom! The air cracked as their sabers collided. The very next second, their momentum rose again dramatically, and it was time for them to launch their next volley of attacks at each other.

"This will indeed be the last collision. Then, we'll know who the real winner is!" the disciples around remarked, as they tried to gauge the unwavering and resolute expressions on their faces.

"But they are too equally matched, so this might turn out to be a dead heat. At this rate unless they fight each other to the death, it will be very hard to determine who the real winner and loser are!"

The disciples kept discussing amongst themselves in anticipation.

'It almost seems like he hasn't activated his saber intent?' Ricky thought to himself, doubt filtering through his heart, as he couldn't feel a trace of any saber intent from Hugh. He was confused because as a master cultivator who only cultivated saber skills, Hugh would definitely have worked out saber intent in this realm.

The saber intent was perhaps the best trump card in a saber cultivator's hand.

"Ricky, I won't use my saber intent in this collision, because it'll be unfair to you since you have not cultivated your own saber intent yet," Hugh responded telepathically as he noticed the confusion in Ricky's eyes.

"Oh, really? Hugh, you are going to look down on me?!" Ricky responded in disdain and annoyance.

In his opinion, if they didn't battle with their true power, the competition between them would be just meaningless.

"Haha, Ricky, I think you may have misunderstood me. I won't use the saber intent, only because you can't use your other power," Hugh explained in response to Ricky's accusation.

"If you don't use all your power, then neither would

all of their previous expectations.

"I'm afraid that's the reason why he dared to agree to fight against Hugh with his saber!"


"Clearly it's not easy for Ricky to let go of his resentment towards the Bu Clan. I'm afraid even an entire zone of cultivation resources would not nearly be enough to make him give up revenge!" Weldon said seeing what was unfolding with a grave expression on his stern face. "But I have to pay my dues to the Bu Clan. I'll try my best."

"It's unbelievable how strong Ricky really is! We still have a long way to go before we defeat him ourselves!" Soar said with disappointment.

Boom! Another crash split the air around the arena.

The next moment, the Three Hell Strikes collided against the Three Galaxy Strikes with a loud crash. The space around the battle was once again submerged in endless waves of sound and pure energy.

The Ultimate Domains Ricky and Huge cultivated also collided against each other ferociously.

The violent surge of the waves made it almost impossible for the warriors to see clearly even when they merged with their spiritual energy.

"Who will win? Who will lose?" They began murmuring amongst themselves, responding to the intensity of the destructive power on display. They became restless, anxious like they were a part of the battle as well.

The ferocious air waves continued to spread. It was not until about an hour later that they gradually began to disperse.

Ricky's and Hugh's figures slowly appeared in the clearing dust. They were half kneeling in the air, bleeding at the corners of their mouths. It was a very embarrassing state.

"What's the result of the battle?" The disciples around were confused, asking amongst themselves.

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