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   Chapter 788 Saber Fight

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The energy around Hugh's body instantaneously turned into multiple small blades, which quickly dashed towards Ricky. At that precise moment, an aggressive and mighty saber revealed itself. Its power was so great that Ricky couldn't help but feel like submitting to it.

"Whoa! What a powerful saber!" Ricky sighed seriously as he felt the magnitude it held.

He knew how powerful Hugh was. So, there was no doubt that Hugh must have mastered the saber intent. Therefore, the chances of winning didn't seem favorable at all—not against such an opponent as Hugh.

Yet, Ricky wouldn't go back on the promise he made to fight Hugh using the saber.

"Who will win the fight? I'm dying with curiosity here," a disciple in the surroundings murmured. Everyone had their eyes fixed on Ricky and Hugh as they watched from the outside of the void.

"Among all the inner disciples, Hugh and Weldon are the strongest apart from Jasper. Although Hugh hadn't returned to the Oriental College for a long time, I'm sure his strength is still to be reckoned with," another disciple said.

"We all know what happened to Ricky in the Casting Center. Even though his title as the sixth chief doesn't hold him any ruling power, it still proves his talent. After all, casting is generally connected with the martial arts," a third disciple stated.

"Moreover, he's an ace genius. He must have made great progress during this period."

"It's going to be a wonderful fight!"

"Haven't you heard? Their fight with the sabers will be even more intense."

"Hugh practices with a very aggressive saber. It's extremely overbearing and incomparably powerful. On the other hand, the rumor about Ricky is that his achievement with the saber is also extraordinary. Now that he dared to promise that he will also use it, it should mean he's confident enough about his saber. Without a doubt, this battle will be a highly fierce one."

When Hugh's Ultimate Saber Domain formed, Ricky also gathered his. Multiple blades popped up in his hands, flickering with golden lights. Then, Ricky's saber rushed towards Hugh's as they both clashed.

Ricky promptly released his golden purple galaxy power.

In order to resist Hugh's aggressive saber, Ricky knew he had to use his strongest galaxy

blurring the void.

The disciples watching gathered spiritual energy to be able to see clearly again. No one wanted to miss a second of that battle.

As a result of the clash, the sabers shook violently. The impact had also left its marks on Ricky and Hugh. Both of them spat out blood and retreated, not stopping until they had reached the boundary of the Evil Emperor's void.

"I'm afraid everyone here would die if attempted to take any of them down. We would probably fail even if we were ten against one," a disciple murmured upon seeing what had just happened.

"Evil Emperor, who do you think will win?" the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor asked.

"Sir, to be honest, I have no idea. If Ricky bursts out another power, he will probably win. But if he only uses the saber, I'm not so sure," the Evil Emperor used his telepathy to answer while shaking his head.

In the past, the Evil Emperor was a junior to the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor, so he had a lot of respect for him. Even though he was a spiritual emperor now as well, he would still address formally to the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor.

"Ricky, this strike just now was so amazing! It's been a while since I've fought with all the strength I have. It's so damn good to contend against you." Hugh laughed heartily as he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. He was being completely sincere. To have the chance to fight against someone equal in strength was something Hugh had been wishing for a long time.

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