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   Chapter 787 The Rule Of The Battles

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When the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor appeared, he communicated with Ricky in secret as well.

"Each of you will fight against the other eleven warriors, which means that each of you will fight eleven battles. When you win one battle, you will earn one score. If you lose the fight, you will not get the score. In the end, the two people with the lowest scores will have to quit the battle for the Sense of Realm."

The instructions were announced clearly by the Evil Emperor as all of the warriors listened attentively.

Although they were looking at the Evil Emperor, there was no doubt that they were subtly observing each other's reactions as well.

They were all aware that all of them were extraordinary warriors. It would be a fierce fight, no matter the opponent. Despite their confidences, they were all wise enough to know that they had no assurance that they would win against their equally powerful opponents.

'Weldon and Hugh must be extremely powerful. I cannot guarantee that I can defeat them, ' Ricky thought to himself after he used his four zones to test Weldon's and Hugh's strengths.

"Ricky, I did not expect to fight against you for the Sense of Realm. But it is a pleasant surprise. I will not reserve my power and I will do everything I can to fight against you. Let me see how powerful an ace genius is," Hugh said and chuckled in amusement. It would be fun to fight against a strong opponent like Ricky.

"I am also looking forward to fighting against you, Hugh. I will use all my strength when we meet," Ricky replied with a smile when he heard Hugh's message.

He could tell that Hugh received his message when he heard his laughter once again. Ricky could not help but smile as well.

"Ricky, although it's the first time we have met, your reputation precedes you. I have heard a lot about you and I am really looking forward to a battle with you. It's kind of surprising to know that I will have the chance to fight against you very soon." To Ricky's surprise, Weldon talked to him telepathically as well. It was surprising to receive a mental message from him.

"I'm flattered. I'm also looking forward to your performance," Ricky could not help but reply politely. He knew that Weldon was powerful and he would enjoy their fight but he also hoped that he was the kind of warrior that he could be friends with as well.

Ricky had heard some things about Weldon. He heard that Weldon was also an inner disciple like Jasper. However, Weldon was less famous because most people only cared about Jasper and ignored Weldon to some degree.

"There is something I would like to talk to you about, apart from the

." Amanda appeared calm as she talked. She didn't think there was anything wrong with her loss. Ricky was just too strong.

"Hugh and Weldon?" Ricky murmured to himself.

The first round of the battle soon came to an end. The Evil Emperor once again randomly assigned their opponents for the second round.

Ricky's opponent in the second round was Simon. Simon was a little bit weaker than Amanda in terms of strength so it was an easy victory for Ricky as well. In the third round, he met Thiago. Once again, Ricky witnessed the strong power of the Array Mutant. He defeated Thiago and won after a fierce fight.

"An array deployer is truly powerful especially when everything is prepared in advance," Ricky sighed in appreciation. He loved it when he faced a strong enemy.

In the fourth round, Ricky met Hugh.

"Ricky, I didn't expect that we would meet in the fourth round. I am ready and every part of my body is straining for a fight with you—an ace genius," Hugh told him as he laughed.

Boom! He burst out his energy which rushed toward Ricky.

On his end, Ricky readied himself. Hugh's dominating power beckoned him to release his own. It seemed that this fourth match would be interesting.

"I feel the same way. I could feel the overbearing power of saber from you, Hugh. You must be a skillful saber wielder," Ricky praised Hugh highly.

"I heard that you are also good at using the blade. How about we fight with one then?" Hugh asked with a laugh. Ricky smiled as well as he readied himself for a fight. If Hugh was looking for a challenge, then he would give him one.

Buzz! Despite the laughter, both of them were serious in this fight. They respected each other greatly. Because of this, they knew that they would each give their best.

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