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   Chapter 786 Twelve People

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After Ricky successfully traveled through two floors, great power suddenly surged in his body. He now had a deeper comprehension of space power, which had reached the minor achievement.

With a deep breath, he retreated the power from his body and relaxed fully. He finally passed the third round within half a month.

At that moment, Ricky felt that he was closer to the space. He could better integrate into the void where he could find a more subtle shelter.

As he looked into the void between two floors again, he no longer felt any resistance. The two floors seemed to be closer too.

"So this is how it feels for my comprehension of space to reach the minor achievement," Ricky murmured.

"Well, you passed the third round five days earlier than I expected. It seems that I've underestimated you. Only a genius like you could deepen the comprehension of space from the preliminary stage to the minor achievement within ten days." The Evil Emperor smiled as he recognized Ricky's accomplishment. He looked at him fondly and with no small amount of astonishment.

"Sir, as you have requested, I have learned to travel through space in half a month. You can't go back on your word. Please teach me the mind method for Space-shrinking Pace. I will make good use of it." Ricky smiled, ecstatic. It was not easy but he was able to surpass all the obstacles and succeed in his mission.

He was even more excited since he was only one step away from the Omnipotent Skill.

"Of course, I will keep my word." Despite the assuring words, the Evil Emperor seemed to be reluctant. After all, Space-shrinking Pace was his inheritable cultivation method. Even if he admired Ricky, he was naturally reluctant to pass it on.

"But before that, I want to ask you. Did you just burst out four kinds of mutant powers? Do you own four different mutants?" the Evil Emperor could not help but ask in curiosity.

"Yes, sir. I am the owner of four mutants!" Ricky nodded his head in admission.

"Wow. Sometimes I doubt whether you are truly a creature of this continent. You have four mutants at the same time, something that I have never seen or heard of despite my experience. No wonder you are the ace genius." The Evil Emperor stared at Ricky in wonder.

"If it were not for the Space-shrinking Pace, you would

ved his hand and the twelve of them were transported to the square of the Oriental College. It was full of people who had failed the tests.

When the twelve disciples and those who had failed the tests heard the Evil Emperor's opinion, they were all speechless.

Nearly six hundred people took part in the tests, but only twelve people remained after three rounds. How could he say that the tests were simple.

Those disciples that failed did not say anything because they could only blame themselves for not being strong enough. After all, they had undergone the same tests.

And they had no idea that Ricky's tests were specifically created by the Evil Emperor suited to his level of power.

"We only have ten positions vacant. Thus, the twelve people left will have to fight to accumulate points. I'll give you three days to rest. You may come back here after three days."

"Yes, sir!"


Thus the competition had ended. All eyes were on the upcoming battles. All of them knew that they were not just competing for the ten positions vacant, but the winners would also be known as the best disciples of the Oriental College.

"Who will be knocked out among the twelve?" Soon, people began to gossip.

"The twelve people are top fighters. Whoever gets knocked out can only be regarded as the unlucky one!"


Three days passed quickly. The square of the Oriental College was packed with people once again. The battle was hosted by the Evil Emperor, but the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor also showed up this time.

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