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   Chapter 785 The Third Round

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7414

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Boom! The two black bracelets fell. Both were so heavy they opened two deep craters.

"These are the same bracelets I worn when I was at your stage. Each of them weighs as much as two medium-sized mountains. I believe it's suitable for you to use them before you become a completed spiritual king," the Evil Emperor laughed.

"So just one of these bracelets weighs about the same as two medium-sized mountains?" Ricky repeated in shock. He wondered how long it would take for him to walk with those.

Evil Emperor laughed out loud. "Don't worry. You won't be doing the training with these until you are done with the test," he told Ricky.

"So, sir, do you mean that I can pass the round this time?" Ricky asked.

"In this round, I just want you to know the importance of cultivating the necessary strength to work with the Space-shrinking Pace," the Evil Emperor said.


The Evil Emperor took Ricky to a translucent space, where he would face his third round.

Ricky gazed around and managed to detect the solid floors all over the place. Up close, they resembled a really thin sheet of paper.

However, when he gathered his spiritual energy and tried to touch one of them, he just wasn't able to.

Right away, he attempted to step forward to the next floor, but also failed. It had become clear that there was an invisible force blocking his way and leaving him stuck.

Ricky soon realized that each floor was actually way far from one another, even though they didn't seem more than three feet away apart.

"This is the space I created with the ruling power. Each floor looks very close but they're actually at least tens of thousands of meters away," the Evil Emperor explained.

"Moreover, within the said length, there's also a force of resistance located at this space. That's the reason you feel you can't move from one floor to another."

"So how can I get to another floor?" Ricky asked.

"Innate spiritual kings' understanding of space are divided into five stages," the Evil Emperor responded.

"Of course, things are different when one becomes a spiritual emperor."

"I've never heard about it, sir. Not even from the other warriors," Ricky said confusedly.


r zones, please, I'm counting on you now.' Ricky's heart raced upon activating his power of the four zones. Then, along with the four zones, he merged the power with the four kinds of runes. As a result, his body kept turning from one of the four mutants to another.

"What the hell!" Seeing it all from a hidden spot in the dark, the Evil Emperor couldn't help but gap in shock. So much he even drooled.

He was an innate spiritual emperor, so it wasn't a huge surprise that he had been right about the potential he saw in the middle spiritual king. Yet, it was impressive to watch four kinds of mutant powers surrounding Ricky's body at once.

The Evil Emperor had seen many talents around, but he had never heard of anyone with four kinds of mutant powers within themselves. If he must confess, he hadn't heard about anyone even with two inside.

Except for a warrior who cultivated several kinds of mutant powers simultaneously.

But Ricky hadn't gained these four mutants by cultivation. He was their original owner.

"You are lying, aren't you?" The Evil Emperor was still having a hard time to believe in what he witnessed. "You've already owned these four different mutants. So, wouldn't I be gilding the lily if I teach you the cultivation method?"


Bang! At that precise moment, Ricky shuttled successfully through the space. Gathering the space power within his hands, he tore off the resistance that was blocking him and then simply strode over.

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