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   Chapter 784 The Importance Of Strength

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When the Lightning Mink lifted its huge claw to strike, Ricky took advantage and quickly rushed out of the deep pit. He fell awkwardly from his rushed exit. A small trail of blood spilled from the corner of his mouth. Thankfully, he was not injured badly but the strength of the Lighting Mink had put him through the wringer.

"Damn it! This Lightning Mink is so powerful. I wonder if it is truly a Lightning Mink," Ricky blurted out in a hoarse voice as he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. The confident look he had earlier had been replaced by a more serious one.

'Does the Lightning Mink possess this powerful strength naturally or is this because of the ruling power of the Evil Emperor?'

As he thought this, Ricky used his mind to look around. Since there had been three Lightning Minks in the first round, he wanted to see if there were any other Lightning Mink around. It would be troublesome if he focused on this one and be caught off-guard later.

"Don't worry. There is only one Lightning Mink in this second round. As long as you defeat it with your physical strength, you can pass the second round." Ricky was relieved when he heard this assurance from the Evil Emperor. It looked like he could focus on just one opponent.

His eyes widened when the Evil Emperor's words sunk fully.

"I have to defeat it with my physical strength? It seems that I will have to stay here in the second round for a long time," Ricky grumbled in a low voice. He was used to overcoming challenges but strength could not be increased that fast. He would overcome this, of course, but it would take time.

He wasted no time in planning. He sprinted fast and struck the Lightning Mink with all his strength. Each time, he was beaten back heavily but he tried again and again. If he wanted to make progress, he had to do so.

After several collisions, Ricky felt severe pain all over his body. The Lightning Mink not only had more strength than him but also had a stronger body. Each hit burdened his more vulnerable body.

He groaned as he recovered from his last attack. At this rate, he was afraid that his corporeal body would give out before his strength increased. He needed an alternative if he wanted to defeat this Lightning Mink.

'I could use the Space-shrinking Pace to burst out powerful force at an extremely fast speed. That attack would generate more power and thus create a powerful enough attack to be fatal to this Lightning Mink, ' Ricky thought to himself.

With this in mind, he infused his enlighten

g about.

"Watch this!" the Evil Emperor exclaimed and took off one of the two black bracelets on his wrist. He bent down and placed it carefully on the ground.

Ricky was surprised when the small black bracelet met the ground. The valley and even farther areas suddenly collapsed under its weight.

He met the Evil Emperor's eyes as he smirked at him in amusement.

"This...this...Sir, how heavy is this black bracelet?" Ricky asked with amazement.

"These two bracelets are made of Gravity Black Iron. Each of them is about the same weight as a medium-sized mountain range!" Ricky gaped at the Evil Emperor in disbelief.

The Evil Emperor chuckled as he took the bracelet back.

"What?! As heavy as a medium-sized mountain range?!" Ricky was shocked. He thought it was probably heavier than normal but the possibility that it was as heavy as a medium-sized mountain range did not even cross his mind.

"This is how I cultivate my strength. It's a way to be efficient and convenient. I cultivate this in order to cultivate the Space-shrinking Pace."

"You're a monster!" Ricky did not usually say this to anyone since it was generally offensive, but he could not think of any other word that could accurately describe the Evil Emperor.

It was not until then that he understood why the Evil Emperor could become an innate spiritual emperor at an age of less than half a hundred years.

"I like that word, especially coming from you. What do you think? Would you like to cultivate in this way?" The Evil Emperor laughed good-naturedly at Ricky's reaction.

He flicked his finger and took out two more black bracelets. He put these in front of Ricky and met his eyes meaningfully.

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