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   Chapter 783 The Strength

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"Space-shrinking Pace! An Inheritable Omnipotent Skill!"

Ricky gasped in shock when he heard the words of the Evil Emperor. As a close friend of Soar, he knew how invaluable an Inheritable Omnipotent Skill was.

The Evil Emperor was willing to teach him the Space-shrinking Pace, and Ricky owed him immensely for that.

At this moment, Ricky finally understood why it was so difficult for him to understand the skill and why he needed to spend a lot of cultivation resources.

Above all this, Ricky was even more shocked by the identity of the Evil Emperor. The creatures with Inheritable Omnipotent Skills were at least holy beasts, and even some of holy beasts didn't have any Inheritable Omnipotent Skills. Only the creatures with the blood of emperor beasts could have Inheritable Omnipotent Skills for sure.

In other words, the real body of the Evil Emperor was at least a holy beast.

"Evil Emperor, it is your Inheritable Omnipotent Skill. Why are you doing this?" Ricky asked. He was still reeling from the things he had learned just then.

"It's all because of the Oriental Emperor. He asked me to teach you this skill so that you can have a bigger chance of survival when you fight for the Sense of Realm. I don't want a genius like you to die either, so I agreed." The Evil Emperor paused as if he wanted Ricky to absorb all that he was saying. Ricky stared at his eyes. He could tell he had more to say so Ricky kept quiet.

"During the battle for the Sense of Realm, those forces will regard this opportunity as their last chance to attack you. We expect that they would all burst out in full force and spare no effort to kill you."

Ricky's face darkened when he heard the words of the Evil Emperor. The Evil Emperor was correct. He also expected to be in great danger during the battle for the Sense of Realm. That was one of the reasons why he had to break through and become an upper spiritual king before that decisive battle. If he did not, he would not have enough power to protect himself.

Ricky had made full preparation exactly because he knew how dangerous it was going to be. He expected that the way of martial arts would never be smooth. He could not do anything about that, except to train hard and make sure he would be stronger than anything that would come his way. If they were coming for him, let them come.

"I am honored, Evil Emperor. Thank you for allowing me to learn from you

Ricky appeared like a child in front of it.

Ricky observed the Lightning Mink curiously. He felt its lightning speed which was expected. After all, its name came from its lightning speed.

But besides that, he could see from the strong built and aura it exuded that it was strong too. He could practically taste its strength that pervaded the air around them. 'Can a Lightning Mink also have powerful strength?'

Ricky wondered. The Lightning Mink seemed to have taken that as a challenge as it suddenly roared fiercely in his direction.

Howl! With the roar, a huge claw came right at Ricky. It seemed that despite its strength, the Lightning Mink had no spiritual energy. It just had pure physical strength.

"Well, I am not afraid of physical strength!" Ricky exclaimed confidently and met the giant claw that was coming straight at him. He gathered all his strength on his right fist and punched at it.

Bang! The fight seemed to be well-matched in strength. Ricky held on against the claw even as he felt his feet slip further.

Suddenly, dust swept up and a deep pit appeared beneath him.

Ricky felt the strength of the Lightning Mink as he continued to defend against it, even as he sank lower and lower into the pit.

"Ricky, you will see now that among the beasts of King Level, the strength of the Lightning Mink is also at the top!" Once again, like an evil announcer, the Evil Emperor's voice echoed across the valley.

As if it agreed with the Evil Emperor, the Lightning Mink roared fiercely. It aggressively waved its giant claw against him again. Ricky gritted his teeth and held on.

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