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   Chapter 782 Success

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Ricky was drenched in blood after another round against the three Lightning Minks. His once black clothes were now tattered and soaked in red as the whole pathway got filled with a lingering smell of blood.

Ricky burst into laughter despite his injury.

He laughed because this time, when the three Lightning Minks struck at him, they only managed to cause a single bruise.

In each previous confrontation, if Ricky reacted slightly slower, at least three more bruises would result from the confrontation. Even when he was in full speed, the creatures would leave him a couple of marks.

This had been the pattern until now.

At last he made some progress and, as a result, got only a single bruise out of it. He had overcome his limitations and had increased his speed. The hard work he had put on all this time he was in that pathway had finally paid off.

By that moment, it had been two whole days since Ricky had started fighting the three Lightning Minks. During this period, Ricky had been activating his four zones constantly to understand the pace needed to go forward.

Now, he had finally realized what it was.

Ricky gathered his four runes and merged them with the strongest enlightenment. Then, he filled every inch of flesh and blood of his right leg with its power, causing it to rapidly stir.

Under this effect, he swiftly moved forward as he followed the Lightning Minks' trail.

With the four zones, Ricky managed to keep his pace the same as the Lightning Minks, without wavering for a second.

He suddenly came to stop and then realized he had reached the same place where he first fell. Only in that instant, he felt the ground was shrinking beneath his feet.

Meanwhile, a sharp pain had taken over his right leg. It was the kind of aching he hadn't endured in a long time. It felt like being torn apart from the inside out as if a thousand ants were simultaneously getting their fangs into his skin.

Ricky's body had been refined long ago. He had cultivated the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula along with the Ultimate Golden Body he had at the present. Those enabled his physique to reach a limit, and because of that, he thought feeling such a severe kind of pain wasn't in the cards anymore.


the pace you have." Evil Emperor's voice broke through along with a laughter all of a sudden.

"Well done, boy! You've passed the first test. I must confess I was a little worried you wouldn't be able to make it."

The shadow of the Evil Emperor rose up by Ricky's side as he spoke.

"Sir, it was your trick, as I presumed." Ricky turned his gaze to the Evil Emperor, unable to hide his annoyance.

The qualification to fight for the Sense of Realm was held in the highest standard. Most disciples would only be granted one chance. Still, Ricky thought the Evil Emperor had been messing with him.

At the meantime, he also knew the Evil Emperor didn't really mean to prevent him from obtaining the qualification.

After all, it had been said that Ricky had to grasp different cultivation methods from those the other disciples had to go through in their own tests. This could only mean the Evil Emperor had wanted him to understand the pace.

"Oh, little fellow, are you mad now? Just think about it for a minute. Are the pain you've endured and the cultivation resources you've spent really more important than the pace you've come to understand?" Evil Emperor chuckled at Ricky's complaint.

"Indeed, the pace is much more important. I would dare say it's more important than all my cultivation resources together," Ricky stated seriously.

"So why are you complaining? You have to know that the Space-shrinking Pace is my Inheritable Omnipotent Skill," the Evil Emperor concluded.

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