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   Chapter 781 The Space-shrinking Pace

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Boom! Boom!

The three Omnipotent Skills shooting from Ricky collided directly with the three lightning claws. Ripples of powerful energy lashed out so violently that it seemed as if time itself was stopped by them.

All of a sudden, at this moment, the three Lightning Minks appeared suddenly around Ricky. Their strong and sharp claws were only inches away from his chest, his back and his head.

The minks were so fast that they seemed to have glided past the three impact points safely and had hurriedly found access to Ricky's face. They didn't even have to tear the space apart, or at least Ricky hadn't felt any space fluctuation at all.

It was as if they were traveling through spaces like Ricky would go in and out of his zones effortlessly.

But even if Ricky could use his zones to transfer himself at this speed, it would still take him some time to cover the same distance.

On the other hand, the three Lightning Minks had simply appeared out of nowhere. It was almost as if they had jumped through spaces.

Space leaping was one of the top and most coveted skills in the world. For all Ricky knew, it was something even an innate spiritual emperor couldn't achieve, only the saints could do it.

But he had no time to figure out the explanation for what had happened as another powerful round of attacks from the minks was charging at him now.

In the blink of an eye, the Source of Golden Body in the Massacring Zone glowed as a blinding light, and the second level of Ultimate Golden Body was formed in an instant. With a deafening metallic sound loud enough to make everybody's ears ring, the three Lightning Minks' strikes collided fiercely with this second level of Ultimate Golden Body.

It was solely this strong defense system that allowed Ricky to escape this fatal attack.

As the massacring runes filled the air, the strong energy from the collision backfired and forced all the three Lightning Minks to retreat. This round of fight was so violent that even with the second level of Ultimate Golden Body protecting him, Ricky felt like the air was blown out of his chest.

There was no doubt that the strength of the three Lightning Minks was on par with his. It was fortunate that the second level of Ultimate Golden Body could withstand such an attack without being broken into pieces, which could also be attributed to the strength of the Massacring Soil that had been enhancing the Ultimate Golden Body.

"Their speed and strength are in no way weaker than mine and there are three of them. Even if I apply my Golden Spirit Eyes and the four mutants, it is still a long shot to defeat them," Ricky murmured seriously to himself after regaining his balance.

'Is the first test as difficult for the other disciples as well?' h

, after all, a battle when those spiritual-emperor force would try everything they could to finish· Ricky. The Evil Emperor appreciated Ricky very much and didn't want him to die. This was the reason why he was willing to teach Ricky this secret skill of his.

This competition was a good opportunity for Ricky to be taught something useful and special.

Of course, even though the cultivation method that other disciples needed to comprehend in this fight was nothing like this Space-shrinking Pace, those were also some high-level movement skills unique to the Oriental College. So, for other warriors, the successful comprehension of those skills was not a small achievement.


The more Ricky learned about the Space-shrinking Pace, the more he realized how complicated and intricate the skill was. But this further strengthened his desire to learn all of it. He had been so focused on it that he didn't notice that the other two Lightning Minks had escaped from the cage.

However, when he found out, Ricky didn't form another cage to confine them anymore.

Moreover, he didn't activate the second level of Ultimate Golden Body to resist them either. He already knew the secret of those creatures' pace and he had the confidence that he could defeat them without using his other skills.

Also, he knew that only when he was under great pressure could he have a better and more efficient understanding of the skill he was learning. He was extremely determined to master the new skill that he had gained.

Although, under such intense pressure, his body was suffering a lot. Every time he fought with the three Lightning Minks, he would get at least two to three wounds on his body before the last ones could be healed.

Some of the wounds were so deep and severe that his bones could be seen clearly through the flesh and blood.

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