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   Chapter 780 Lightning Minks

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'It seems these three tests aren't so simple, ' Ricky thought after listening to the Evil Emperor.

"By the way, if you are lucky, you might gain some opportunity in my Small World," the Evil Emperor continued. "Perhaps it won't be an opportunity that lives up to your expectations. But I safely assure it won't be a letdown either."

The disciples got all ecstatic by the Evil Emperor's speech.

"Well, let's cut to the chase, shall we? Anyone who wants to be eligible to take part in the main drawn match must crush the jade tablet and get into my Small!" the Evil Emperor announced.

Immediately, half of the inner and outer disciples rushed to crush the jade tablets. Then, the powerful energy overtook and enabled them to walk into the Evil Emperor's Small World.

Ricky came to meet a dark space once he crushed the jade tablet. He carefully inspected his surrounds and soon realized it was a narrow path.

'This pathway must be where the first test will take place, ' Ricky speculated. With his eyes, he gathered the spiritual energy necessary to study the narrow path and what could come out of it.

However, to Ricky's surprise, he couldn't see anything clearly. There was nothing but complete darkness ahead of him.

Even the Bone Reinforcement warriors could see through the murk, let alone an innate spiritual king.

There was no doubt it was the ruling power of the Evil Emperor which was hindering his vision.

'I don't know if the Golden Spirit Eyes could help me see in here, but I don't think it's proper or even necessary to use it now. After all, I still can sense everything through my mind, ' Ricky pondered.

'So, what is the test here?'

Ricky looked around with his mind's guidance, and soon became alert. He guessed that despite every disciple having to go through the same test, the degrees of hardship would vary according to the strength of each. Therefore, there was no room for carelessness.

"Listen, all of you. The narrow path is just as a maze. You'll only be able to see if you use your minds." Evil Emperor's voice suddenly broke through.

"There's only one way to c

re was, he wouldn't be able to contend and would have to surrender.

'I knew it wouldn't be a piece of cake, but I really didn't expect that passing the test would be such a difficult task. I have to try my best, ' Ricky thought. 'The so-called cultivation method must have something to do with the three Lightning Minks. But do I have to completely defeat them?'

Either way, no matter what the answer to his late question was, a fight was inevitable.

All the three Lightning Minks gathered and struck at Ricky simultaneously.

Roaring, the creatures revolved their bodies around their three tails. In the following second, a transparent lightning spread each from the minks' centers and, with a cracking sound, they were all fired at Ricky.

On their way to Ricky, the three flashes of lightning shifted into sharp claws.

Each claw seemed to be ordinary as far as they were concerned. But Ricky could sense the power emanating from them. He was aware that to be able to resist this attack, he would have to do his best.

Ricky didn't hesitate for a second. His hands got instantly taken by the devouring runes when a storm burst out from his Enlightening Wind Holes. Just then, both the massacring runes and the Massacring Golden Palm clashed against one of the sharp claws.

About the same time, Ricky used his Iron Destroyer, now surrounded by golden purple galaxy power, and charged it towards the sky.

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