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   Chapter 779 Ten Positions

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"Stone City! Nan Clan!" Ricky murmured after hearing Amanda's words.

His pupils suddenly contracted as his search in his memory had already made him realize who Amanda, the woman in front of him, was.

"Amanda, are you the one who went to the Stone City to recruit new disciples with Master Grace?"

Ricky asked immediately. Amanda flashed a charming smile on hearing Ricky's words.

With this, Ricky's doubt was confirmed.

He remembered a promise that he had made to Amelia, the leader of Amber Faction, another faction of the Snow Sect.

He had promised that in the future if ever Amelia needed his help, he would go all out.

At that time, after his conversation with Amelia, she had left the Snow Sect without any news, and then immediately after, Amanda had disappeared as well. Now thinking about it, Ricky realized that Amanda and Amelia must be related as they shared the same family name.

"Amanda, I now remember the promise you talked about. Is there a connection between you and Amelia?" Ricky asked.

"I'm from the same clan as her. Also, I'm her best friend as well as her sister," said Amanda. "Our family is very influential in the Western Land.

At that time, Amelia came with me to receive training in the Eastern Land. She was only a warrior of Blood Purification. Of course, the Oriental College was not suitable for her. so, I had asked Jasper's aunt to help me get Amelia admitted to the Snow Sect and I changed my face to secretly protect Amelia.

But she had to take responsibility for some family issues. At last, she had to go back."

"Oh, I see. It seems that Amelia enjoyed a high position in the family and went back home. How is she now?" Ricky further went on asking her.

"She has already make a breakthrough and become an innate spiritual king, but she is not as strong as you," Amanda replied.

"And, she might need your help when something happens to our family. That's the promise I was talking about."

"Do you need my help? Tell me, w

he Small World created by the Evil Emperor.

There were three challenges in total. On completion of these three challenges, if more than ten disciples passed the test, then the winners would fight with each other to pick out the strongest ten.

However, if less than ten disciples passed the competition, then the rest would be chosen by Evil Emperor according to the situation.

No disciple had any objection to this rule, because whether or not they were selected depended solely on their strength and talent.

"Everyone, are you all clear about the rules?" Evil Emperor asked loudly as he stood on the podium. He stretched and looked at all the disciples gathered.

"Yes, we are clear," the disciples answered in unison.

After giving a slight nod, Evil Emperor waved his hand. Immediately, in the hands of all the disciples present, two jade tablets condensed by the ruling power appeared.

"One of these two jade tablets is for you to enter my newly built Small World, and the other one will allow you to exit. However, there are different ways to get out of the Small World. One can choose to pass the challenges or, one can bypass them and leave when their life is in danger," Evil Emperor announced with a grin.

"But no matter how you get out, your competition can only be successful if you pass the test."

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