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   Chapter 778 Who Was Amanda

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"The Fire Python!" Terrence blurt dazedly upon hearing Hugh's words. "I heard that the Fire Python tribe is a force to be reckoned with in the Stormy Sea. Its strength is even mightier than the White King Tiger tribe from the Eastern Land.

Jasper, you are the only one who had dared to kill them. I still can't believe you've even used their flesh and blood to make spirits. I've got to take my hat off to you."

"Oh, I'm really flattered to hear that. But you should know what went on next. After I killed them in the Stormy Sea, I was haunted by two completed spiritual kings for quite a while. I was a total mess at the time," Jasper said with a smile.

"It seems you weren't exactly afraid of those completed spiritual kings," Ricky said with a smirk. "And I don't think you are genuinely afraid of them now!"

Hugh let out a chuckle and agreed. "That's for sure. Jasper has successfully broken through and consolidated his level." Everyone paid their tributes to Jasper and his deeds in awe.

A completed spiritual king's title was the pinnacle of a spiritual king. When one reached the peak of a completed spiritual king, the next step was to comprehend the rules. Just then, he would be on the way to become a spiritual emperor.

Jasper laughed. "I'm sure you'll all reach the level of a completed spiritual king soon. I have faith on you. However, let's not forget that this isn't really our goal. We crave something more than simply that, don't we?" Jasper said humorously.

Meanwhile, Ricky's mind wandered as he recalled seeing the so-called Stormy Sea's name in a book from the Oriental College.

The entire Misty South was divided into five major lands. Among those, the Middle Land was the one that stood out. It held the thickest spiritual energy along with a remarkably extensive area. The general consensus was that not even the four other lands combined could measure up to its size.

Endless mountains also separated the Middle Land from the other lands. If one wished to get in, they would have to go through the mountains.

Spiritual emperors or stronger warriors weren't bind to this rule though. They simply knew how to tear their ways into the air in order to go through the Middle Land without a problem.

It was possible that a spiritual king and a demi-spiritual emperor could tear sp

ry, but could you refresh my memory?" Ricky requested.

"Of course you can't remember me. I was wearing a mask, and I deliberately changed my behavior back then," she responded.

"Actually, I came here today in order to ask you something. Ricky, do you still remember that you've made a promise to a woman?"

"You were wearing a mask? A promise?" Ricky said, confused. "A promise to a woman?"

Tina murderously glared at Ricky. Pearl, on the other hand, rolled her eyes at him.

They thought that if Ricky had really made a promise to a woman, she now came to demand its fulfillment.

"Ricky, it seems you have a lot of unresolved love stories around," Tina bitterly said to Ricky through her inner power. She barely could contain her jealousy.

"Tina, I really have no idea what she's talking about. Don't jump to conclusions before I can figure out who Amanda is," Ricky immediately replied to Tina's complaint.

"Am I jumping to conclusions? Then, please tell me. Who did you make a promise to? What on earth is this promise even about?" Tina demanded, slightly angry at him.

Ricky chuckled. "Tina, don't be mad. Just hang on a little more, ok? I'll figure everything out very soon," he told her.

Ricky tried to go over his memories when suddenly he thought of something. Promptly, he turned to meet Amanda's gaze.

"It looks like your memory isn't as good as I thought. In this case, I'll refresh your memory a bit," Amanda said.

"Stone City, Nan Clan, Realm of Wildness, and Snow Sect. Does any of them ring a bell?"

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