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   Chapter 777 An Old Acquaintance

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"But every dare-to-die warrior will have to spend more than ten times the cultivation resources of a warriors of the same level," Tina said. "So if you really want to train some dare-to-die warriors, it is not going to be a problem to find the human beings. After all, the most difficult thing is about the cultivation resources."

"You know that it can be such a real headache," Ricky said upon hearing Tina's thoughts about it. "Only this time, when I returned to the Realm of Wildness, I obtained a lot of resources from Errol and the others."

"And if I'm not mistaken, the resources that you have acquired are only enough to train the dare-to-die warriors to demi-immortals. In addition, there will be a limited number of dare-to-die warriors that can be trained," Tina said as a matter of fact.

"In that case, if you really want to have dare-to-die warriors, you must first have a lot of resources to sustain them!"

"All right, but first things first, we should let Scar look for people with great potential and talent," Ricky said.

Meanwhile, Ricky and Pearl went into the Massacring Zone and headed for the Oriental Realm. In this way, they would be safe in their journey to the Oriental College.

Upon their arrival, Ricky went to the first one on his list—the Three-hall City. In there, he instructed Scar about his plans for the recruitment of dare-to-die warriors and gave him the cultivation resources he had obtained from the Realm of Wildness.

After accomplishing the task, Ricky returned to the Oriental College.

Just right after he made arrangements for both Pearl and Tina, Ricky paid a visit to the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor, the Evil Emperor, and the Oriental Emperor.

Meanwhile, Soar, Henry, and others had also come back from outside.

Finally, after he was done with his itinerary, Ricky wanted to have a quick rest in preparation for the upcoming competition among the disciples of the Oriental College, which was going to happen in four days.

However, even before Ricky could get his well-deserved rest, he got an invitation from Jasper. And this invitation was also stretched to Soar, Terrence, and Henry.

Of course, it was Jasper and they could not possibly refuse his invitation. Soon, Ricky, Henry, Soar, and Terrence were in their way to Jasper's residence.

Inside the Oriental College, Jasper's house was located on an isolated peak surrounded by gullies, as if it was separated from the other peaks in the college.

But according to Terrence, Jasper chose this location on purpose so that he would have more uniqueness and

nd of familiarity can't be untrue. Have I really met Amanda before?' Ricky thought to himself as confusion enveloped his mind.

And no matter how hard he tried to recall his memory, he still failed to remember her.

However, he still didn't give up. And as a man with the memory of the four zones, he was sure that he had already seen Amanda somewhere, and he was determined to uncover it.

Feeling that there was some kind of connection between them, Amanda finally took her eyes off Ricky.

'Never mind. I'll just ask her in private after we finish the little get together. Judging from the way she looked at me just now, she must have also recognized me, ' Ricky thought to himself.


"Haha, you deserve all kinds of compliments. Word also goes around that now in the whole Eastern Land, only you, Ricky, dares to challenge Jasper. Is that true?" Hugh said as he laughed at the idea.

Truth be told, he and Jasper had really gotten along pretty well with each other.

Upon hearing this, Ricky just shrugged his shoulders and spread his hands helplessly.

"Haha, come on, I took out these four jars of spirits only today, as a witness to your first meeting," said Jasper with a smile.

"Jasper, we could already feel the aura of fire, even if the jars are still closed. It even seems that there is this invisible energy from the alcohol that can enter our bodies. With this, then I guess that the alcohol is something special," Ricky said.

"Of course it's not ordinary. In this alcohol are several kinds of Treasures from Heaven and Earth of King Level. What's more, it has the essence of a spiritual beast of King Level—the Fire Python," Hugh explained.

"So, how can this alcohol be any ordinary?"

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