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   Chapter 776 Only Killing

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8200

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The Demonic Spear and the golden spear collided against each other within the energy waves. As a result, the land within a thousand meters around them trembled and cracked.

"They are well-matched?" everyone asked themselves as they watched the intense battle.

Crack! However, as soon as those words had been uttered, loud cracks resounded through the air. All of a sudden, cracks appeared in the Demonic Spear until it finally turned into dust with a loud crash.

Puff! At the same time, a stream of blood gushed out of the huge Veritable Nether Body. As the blood spurted out, the size of the Veritable Nether Body shrank rapidly until it turned into Sam in midair.

At this time, Sam knelt in the air as if he had lost the strength to support his own weight. His originally sinister face had turned deathly pale and his scarlet black pupils slowly changed into white ones.

Everybody could perceive that the power of Sam's evil spirit was fading away fast.

"I see that Sam has been defeated!" Meade said coldly at the sight of the scene. He acted as if he had expected that to happen all along.

On the other hand, Lynch was filled with despair again.

'The Nether Army makes all the geniuses in the whole Eastern Land tremble with fear. And yet, four commanders of the Nether Army have died. Two of the four commanders were killed by Ricky, and the deaths of the other two also had something to do with him. Ricky has truly grown up, ' Pearl thought to herself, as she remembered all the events that had transpired.

Although she was unwilling to admit, she knew that she was beginning to like Ricky more and more each day. He might have annoyed her at the start, but as she got to know him every day, her eyes were opened to who he truly was.


Although Sam seemed to have lost, Ricky didn't stop. The second level of Ultimate Golden Body stepped forward a few steps and landed directly beside Sam. Eight kinds of flames burnt and enveloped the golden body. These eight flames integrated and evolved into two sharp flame claws that tore Sam into two.

Sam might have been already numb by then, or maybe he was unable to move. He just laid there as Ricky tore him apart. The Veritable Nether Body refined with the blood essence seemed to have sucked out all his strength and rendered him helpless.

In the blink of an eye, it was done.

His body was torn into two halves and faded into two clouds of evil spirit. However,

arl's current strength was on par with Meade's.

'It seems that the soul-restoring pill has a great effect on her. I wonder whether the Feminine Mutant can cultivate any power that has something to do with spirit, ' Ricky wondered as he stared at Pearl.

"Goodbye!" Meade said to Ricky when he had taken care of everything.

"What? Why are you so anxious to leave? Are you afraid that I will attack you?" Ricky said lightly.

"Yes, I'm afraid of that. After all, you're so powerful now that you can kill me and my men with only one hand," Meade answered frankly. Ricky laughed, disarmed and pleased with Meade's honesty.

"If that's the case, please go ahead. I hope in the future we would not be enemies even if we can't be friends," Ricky said in a smiling tone.

"After this battle, I won't regard you as an enemy, nor do I have any intention to. But nobody knows what will happen in the future. After all, there are numerous conflicts of interests in the martial world," Meade said.

"That is true. Then, goodbye!" Ricky laughed loudly, entertained by Meade's impudence even when he had just admitted that Ricky could defeat him and all his men.

Meade smiled wryly and left with his men.

"Dare-to-die warriors...Maybe such a group of creatures is also needed in my Misty South Palace," Ricky murmured as he stared at the retreating men behind Meade.

"Indeed, every force has its own secret force, which is usually made up by a group of dare-to-die warriors. That's because regardless if it is righteous or evil, some things can only be done in the dark," Tina whispered. Rocky nodded silently beside her.

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