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   Chapter 775 Veritable Nether Body

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'The mutant! Ricky is breaking out the real power of a mutant!' Seeing his demonic claw be destroyed in an instant, Sam felt a shudder in his heart. He felt drearier and more stressed.

"Is this the real mutant power?" Meade said in shock.

Mixed feelings surged in his heart. He was admiring Ricky's strength while at the same time feeling overwhelmed by its intensity.

Although Sam was shocked, he did not allow it to stop him in his tracks. Sam dared not to slack off. And so, his eyes turned black all of a sudden. Then, his evil spirit flared once more, empowering his Nether Body tenfold.

What added to the challenge and danger that Ricky faced in Sam, was the six more demonic arms that stretched out from Sam's Nether Body.

"Nether Shield!"

With a thunderous shout, the eight arms on Sam's Nether Body gathered in an instant and merged. The evil spirit spread all over the said arms before it quickly turned into an enormous black shield.

Bang! The next moment, Ricky's Impregnable Killing Finger and Sam's Nether Shield clashed against each other.

They remained in a stalemate for a second before the sound of crackling was heard. Consequently, cracks immediately spread all over Sam's Nether Shield. Before long, the shield was covered in cracks.

The appearance of the cracks meant that the power on the Nether Shield had begun to retreat. It didn't take long before all of its power dissipated. Ricky's Impregnable Killing Finger, on the other hand, hit Sam's Nether Body forcefully.

In the blink of an eye, the space shattered, following the impact. Sam and his Nether Body fell down and hit three mountains nearby. The bodies bounced off the ground and created several deep craters in its wake.

"I'm going to end your life here today!" Ricky would not miss such a good opportunity. He roared deafeningly before he drew his Iron Destroyer.

The golden purple galaxy power permeated in the air and encircled Ricky's Iron Destroyer. "Omnipotent Gale Skill—Gale Torrent Strike!" Ricky yelled with all his might.

As the gale runes circled around him, Ricky waved his weapon and slashed it down. A storm swept in the surroundings and the gale runes transformed into a swirling blade before it swept toward those points and craters Sam created. Sam was in one of the craters.

As the swirling storm engulfed the craters and points on the ground, those points and craters enlarged and connected with each other, forming a great, deep hole.

Ricky's strike was extremely powerful. Even an upper spiritual king at his peak level would barely be able to resist it. The Impregnable Killing Finger and the Gale Torrent Strike continuou

inal blow, he wanted to make sure it would be met with the conclusion of Sam's life once and for all.

"Oh." Ricky cocked his head to the side, with a slight yet mocking smile forming on his lips. "I made a mistake. You are a member of the Nether Army and you would not be my stepping stone. You will simply turn into a useless evil spirit after you die.

Mutant powers—Runic Spear!"

As Ricky called out his attack, the four types of mutant powers also turned into four strands. The strands were four dragon-liked strands that roared out loud as each bounced out. Next, eight powers combined abruptly before they all finally transformed into one gigantic spear.

As Ricky was showered by the golden light, two more strong arms appeared on his body. All four arms threw out the giant spear toward Sam's Demonic Spear with much force and might.


Countless sparks flew in all directions. Each strong spark caused ripples that spread in the air. The space that surrounded the area also crackled like a fragile piece of glass.

Followed by the endless sparks were a series of waves that were as strong as the tides. The waves also raised high above in the sky and engulfed Ricky's Ultimate Golden Body as well as Sam's Veritable Nether Body.

All the other warriors stopped in their tracks. The collision was too powerful and halted them in their battles. They all knew that continuing their strife would depend greatly on how the said collision would end up.

The strong wave of energy didn't fade away before it ruined everything in the area. It seemed to have been going on for quite a while. Still, it seemed like it all happened in the blink of an eye. As the smoke cleared, the crowd was able to see the collision between Ricky and Sam with more clarity.

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