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   Chapter 774 Ricky Dominated The Fight

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Updated: 2020-01-29 00:12

The two flashing lights were Ricky and Sam.

When their attacks and domains collided, their momentums and strengths had been pushed to the peak. That was when the true fight began.

"The second level of Ultimate Golden Body!" Faced with a powerful enemy, Ricky activated his second level of Ultimate Golden Body. He burned with rage every time he looked at Sam. He decided he would give his all to kill Sam and pushed his power to the max. He intended not to waste precious time fighting. Instead, he would defeat Sam as fast as possible.

Buzz! Buzz! At this time, Ricky's second level of Ultimate Golden Body had reached the state of completeness. Together with the power of his massacring power and massacring runes, an invisible massacring passage was created in the air. His body buzzed with power that was building inside him.

Sam knew that he should not underestimate Ricky. If Ricky's Ultimate Golden Body gave anything away, it was that Ricky was truly powerful. Sam formed an array between his hands; the evil spirit and dark energy surged and floated. A huge devil's body formed and covered his body.

"Nether power—Nether Body!"

The moment Sam's Nether Body formed, he threw a fist in the air and a passage was created. This passage stretched forward and met Ricky's massacring runes passage which was created by Ricky's Ultimate Golden Body.

Boom! The moment the two invisible passages collided with each other, Ricky's second level of Ultimate Golden Body collided with Sam's Nether Body forcefully. A deafening sound exploded and debris filled the air.

It happened in the blink of an eye. Both Ricky and Sam were thrown back because of the powerful impact. However, even before the debris in the air had settled, they were already rushing at each other as they threw out attacks and defended themselves simultaneously.

"Massacring Omnipotent Skill—Impregnable Killing Finger!" At that moment, Ricky decided to activate his Massacring Omnipotent Skill. He was determined to knock Sam down for good.

On the huge chest of Ricky's second level of Ultimate Golden Body, ten golden lights appeared. They were manipulated by Ricky's Ultimate Golden Body's arms and turned into ten strong golden fingers.

At the same time, the Massacring Sand floated around Ricky gracefully as if carried by an enchanted wind. It twisted and gathered around the ten golden fingers.

"Mingle!" With a roar, the ten giant golden fingers merged and turned into a huge golden finger. It was like a pillar of the sky which could tear everything down at any time.

Ricky had improved his understanding of the massacring power once again. He could integrate the t

n hurt me at all," Ricky snorted as if he found the idea hilarious and completely laughable.

Boom! Boom! Ricky suddenly stopped laughing as if he had gotten bored from the lack of challenge. He let his powers emerge again, and the golden light began shining more brightly. Ricky broke out his Massacring Mutant and its power surged and electrified the air around him.

"How could this be possible? It's a mutant power. How did you get a mutant power?" Sam whispered as his eyes widened in disbelief. He had felt Ricky's mutant power, but he had dismissed it earlier as a mistake.

Sam had known all of Ricky's weapons, or at least he thought so. And yet, not once had he heard that Ricky owned any mutant power. He would not believe it if Ricky claimed that he had one, but now that it was happening right in front of him, he could not grasp it fully.

"I'll tell you again, nothing is impossible. It's about time for us to finish this fight. I am getting bored. Prepare to die!" Ricky proclaimed as he prepared to finally finish his opponent.

Buzz! Buzz! The massacring runes moved as Ricky activated his Massacring Mutant. The runes then moved quickly towards the Impregnable Killing Finger and enveloped it. In the blink of an eye, the four slight cracks on the finger healed quickly.

At the same time, the massacring power on the Impregnable Killing Finger strengthened even more. The golden purple galaxy power also danced gracefully around as the Massacring Sand circled the finger.

"Go and kill him!" Ricky roared before he manipulated his giant Impregnable Killing Finger toward Sam.

Crack! Crack! Sam's demonic claw cracked suddenly. He looked on in horror as his prized weapon, which had been enhanced by his own blood, broke down like a simple toy.

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