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   Chapter 773 Ongoing Hatred

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 9081

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It was when Ricky disappeared from the Casting Center out of the blue that Lynch decided to leave the place too. After all, he and Sellers could not carry out their scheme until the fight for the Sense of Realm took place.

Ricky had managed to disappear even while they had been keeping an eye on him. They knew that Ricky must have used some powerful means to get past their surveillance. Even though they hated it, they had to admit that they couldn't do anything else but give up.

Just as he suddenly disappeared previously, he suddenly appeared from nowhere now. They were able to sense the existence of an advanced stage spiritual space tool. However, when Ricky appeared, they could only feel the existence of anything other than him.

They thought of the possibility that Ricky had a spiritual space tool of higher stage with him, but quickly dismissed the thought as an impossibility.

"Ricky? Are you Ricky?" Sam asked in recognition of the familiar name. He loomed menacingly at Ricky and his killing intent shifted completely from Meade to Ricky.

The deaths of the other three commanders were closely linked to Ricky. Only they themselves knew how intimate a relationship the six commanders of the Nether Army truly shared. It was a gift to have the opportunity for revenge right in front of him.

"It is me, the one and only!" Ricky announced arrogantly on purpose. He could sense the hatred from Sam, and the feeling was definitely mutual.

"It's him. Why did he come to my rescue?" Meade mumbled to himself, lost in thought. He could not get how Ricky could risk his life for him. Maybe he had other reasons.

There was a huge possibility that Ricky rescued him because he hated Sellers and he wanted Meade's plan to succeed.

'It seems that I still have a glimmer of hope to survive today. However, I don't know how powerful Ricky is. Sam would not be easy to defeat, ' Meade thought to himself.

He did not waste time to think or watch the battle. He knew he could only depend on himself, especially since the relationship between him and Ricky was somewhat bad. Even if Ricky defeated Sam, he had no assurance that Ricky would not try and kill him too. And if Ricky failed and lost to Sam...

He shuddered at the thought of what could happen to him. He took the time to rest and recover, as he readied himself for a fight later on. Maybe he could even defeat whoever won, provided that whoever got injured enough.

"Ricky, I have been looking for you for a long time. I didn't expect to see you here. You're courting death," Sam exclaimed in a sinister tone. He intentionally let his aura overwhelm Ricky but from the lack of reaction, he seemed to have failed.

"You were look

re is anything good about Ricky. I'll kill him right away. Then I will make you mine, Pearl," Sam added.

They could not tell if Pearl heard this or not as her facial expression did not change at all. Instead, she drew out her long black whip and targeted the other members of the Nether Army.

"You're playing with fire!" Sam shouted angrily at Pearl. When she still did not acknowledge Sam, he was overwhelmed with anger. He felt humiliated as she continued to ignore him. He roared angrily and rushed to attack her.

"Hey! Your opponent is me. And your words just now made me angry!" Ricky's angry voice stopped Sam. Above his head, the Massacring Golden Palm surrounded by massacring runes suddenly materialized.

Now that Pearl was his woman, what Sam had said stirred a rage within him that threatened to erupt at any moment.

Sam narrowed his eyes at the Massacring Golden Palm. The threat he sensed from it alerted his instincts to be careful. He was willing to believe his intuition; he had reason to believe that Ricky was at least as powerful as him.

Despite the sudden wariness he felt, he pretended to be confident. He glared at Ricky as he proclaimed, "Since you're so eager to go to hell, I'll send you there first. And soon there will be more disciples from the Oriental College to accompany you!"


Sam began roaring like a beast. At the same time, he condensed his devil's body and a sharp black claw burst out and collided violently with the Massacring Golden Palm from Ricky.

Bang! The sound of collision between metal and gold rang out. The two domains they had condensed collided and exploded too.

As airwaves rippled around them, the two figures turned into two giant meteors. They collided against each other and a resounding boom deafened those around them.

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