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   Chapter 772 Ricky Joined The Fight

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8227

Updated: 2020-01-28 00:12

"I'm not sure if Meade could take such a violent strike from Sam!" Tina said honestly.

"Now that he's recognized as the top genius among the Casting Center's younger generation, he should be able to resist it. Otherwise, I don't believe he would make things difficult for Sellers," Ricky speculated.

Boom! Sam clasped his hands together, forming dark power and strong evil spirit around his body. Shortly, he turned it into double enlightening powers with a forceful killing intention.

"I will send you to hell with this strike. I'll be taking to the Nether Manor the head of the most talented warrior of the Casting Center as my trophy."

As soon as Sam delivered his cruel warning, the formidable attack sparkled ready from his hands.

"The Nether Power! Have a taste of my Destructive Nether Fist!"

Alongside these words, Sam's double enlightening powers turned into a giant devil phantom, taking form from behind his frame. Immediately, the frightening creature raised its head and roared to the sky while stretching out its eight huge arms and its large palms, each shadowing the battleground. With closed fists, several dark blood punches rushed out to Meade's way as if they were massive birds carrying their wide and deadly wings.

Each fist drove itself closer together until they all merged in the air, creating one enormous clasp big enough to cover half of the sky. From the exact moment it was fully conceived, the united fist got rapidly wrapped up by Gravitation Enlightenment.

The dark blood fist's shadow swung overhead. The evil spirit it released left a trail in the air that resembled a deep wound in the sky. The dust was swept up and blended into a tornado stirred up by the impact. It just seemed as the whole sky had been replaced by Sam's evil fist.

"Everything that meets this punch will be crushed into dust!" Sam shouted, proud of how invincible his strike was.

"Humph! You can't kill me with this trick, I'll show you that!" Meade roared from the dust when the gigantic fist was about to hit him.

Just then, a fierce enlightening windstorm rose from below the fist. Even more dust was lifted in order to clash with the overwhelming energy casted by Sam.

By the time the storm diminished, a giant, apparently made of gale, soared into the sky.

"Mutant-producing Body—Wind Mutant!"

Meade bellowed. His whole body, including his pupils and hair strands, turned translucent within the wind giant. Then,

death. Yet, who's to blame for this now? From where I'm seeing it, you're the only one to be blamed for not being strong enough," Sam said lightly. He could sympathize with the despair he saw through Meade's eyes.

A loud laughter suddenly burst out. "You are right. Everyone is afraid of death. In this martial world, where the weak are the preys to the strong, one can only blame himself for failing to survive." A intense and clear voice, which no one knew where it came from, attracted all the attention to itself.

"So next, I hope you can find solace within these words of truth when you'll be about to meet your own death, Sam," the voice continued.

"How could it be possible? Is there anyone else here?" Unsettled by the mysterious voice, Sam's and Lynch's faces turned gloomy while Sam abruptly quit releasing the powerful energy.

"Is there any spiritual space tool around? No, I can't sense any spiritual space tool!" Lynch coolly answered as he spread out his runic power to detect the hidden enemy.

"How come there is someone else here that we didn't notice? By the way, that voice sounds a little bit familiar," Meade murmured. The desperation in his eyes had fairly decreased.

The voice broke out another laughter. "I'm here, big guy. Next, I'll be your opponent, and then we'll see who's the strongest, Sam," the voice said in delight. Soon, a figure began to sway towards Meade. When he finally had it before his eyes, he realized it was no one other than Ricky.

Acknowledging Meade's defeat, Ricky was ready to take action.

"How could it be you? What are you doing here?" Lynch hissed in disbelief.

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