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   Chapter 771 Meet The Nether Army Once Again

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"It seems that Lynch will lose in the end. Have you decided how to launch an attack and whom to attack?" Tina asked Ricky.

"No, I haven't made a decision yet. I need to think about it more, but maybe their arrival will help me make a decision," Ricky answered as he glanced at the distance as if he was looking for something.

"They? Is someone else coming here?" Tina asked, surprised. Only Meade, Lynch, and their company could be seen so she had not expected anyone else to arrive.

"Yes, they are coming. My old acquaintances—the Nether Army. I just have no idea which commander of theirs is coming," Ricky answered. It would be safer to make his decision when all the players were revealed instead of that moment, where too many variables were left unanswered.

"The Nether Army? They are the real trump card in Lynch's hand, right?" Tina asked curiously.

Their attention was pulled from their conversation when a loud noise was heard in the distance.

Both their heads whipped towards the noise. Their eyes widened in amazement. Just as Ricky had said, more than a dozen black figures appeared in the sky. They were still some distance away but they were running at a high speed. More than a dozen members of the Nether Army arrived quickly and attacked together. They bought enough time for Lynch to dodge Meade's attack.

"The Nether Army!" When more than a dozen people appeared suddenly, ready to rescue Lynch, Meade's face tightened and his shoulders tensed. With narrowed eyes, he looked at Lynch, who was wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth. "Is this your real trump card?" Meade asked.

"Of course. I already told you, I don't look down on you. I knew that in order to defeat you, I had to be well-prepared or I would be killed. And I needed to make sure that you would not ruin our plans," Lynch answered. It was obvious that he was still recovering from his injuries but he sounded more confident now that his rescue had come.

The arrival of the Nether Army relieved him. His eyes no longer looked overcast. He had foreseen that he would be defeated by Meade if they would not arrive on time.

'It seems that I have spent too much time on casting for the past years. I have to spend all my time to improve my martial arts before the battle for the Sense of Realm, ' Lynch thought to himself as he realized his weakness.

"It seems that the old man has reached an agreement with the Nether Army," Meade said.

"You guessed it right. But unfortunately, you will die very soon. Whatever you know wil

as if he was showing that the attack had no effect at all. He stretched out his hands, and a huge shield was formed immediately.

The next moment, a loud cacophony echoed loudly across the land.

The two palms fell directly on the shield, which made a huge crack. The whole space exploded while Sam's evil spirit was destroyed as well.

Everyone thought that the fight would be a well-matched one, but it seemed that they were wrong. A sharp thorn condensed by the Sam's enlightening power shot out from the explosion.

Two holes appeared on Meade's two palms as they were stabbed by the sharp thorn. Before he could resist the sharp thorn and dodge the blow, Sam stepped out from the dispersing palms. His leg was surrounded by the evil spirit, and it swept like a whip towards Meade's shoulder.

Puff! Meade spat out a mouthful of blood. His body was slammed toward the mountain, just like a meteorite.

As a result, the mountain broke into pieces. Dust billowed and spread throughout the whole place.

"That kick was for the sake of Lynch, so I didn't exert too much strength. The next attack I will give you will be for my own. You should be prepared to go to hell," Sam threatened Meade. The latter coughed as he tried to stand up.

Sam focused intensely at Meade as he readied himself to launch an attack, one that would end this battle.

"I think it's your turn," Tina said to Ricky. She was puzzled when he had not moved from his place despite his earlier words.

"Don't worry. Let's wait and see. If Meade can't even withstand a real attack from Sam, I don't need to give him a hand. After all, a man with that poor strength doesn't deserve my help," Ricky murmured.

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