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   Chapter 770 Meade Versus Lynch

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"Lynch is the young master of the Endless Shadow in the Dark Fallen Realm!" Ricky exclaimed in realization.

"Meade's plan is indeed very good. If he really succeeds in killing Lynch, Sellers will definitely fall out with the Endless Shadow. After all, Lynch was invited by Sellers," Tina muttered.

"But I have a feeling that Lynch is more than what he shows us.

Let's wait and see. I'm wondering if I should get involved in this matter," Ricky said with a slightly scheming smile.

Tina immediately started questioning him, "What? Which of them do you want to help?"



As soon as Meade finished his order, his thirteen dare-to-die warriors gathered their powers and attacked Lynch and the two young men in black behind him. Dust and debris flew as the attack tore the space apart.

"Move!" Lynch gave the two men behind him a command. At that point, Lynch naturally understood that he couldn't stop Meade simply by his words. Instead, he immediately got ready to defend himself.


Upon hearing Lynch's order, the two killers in black released their strength immediately. The powers and domains of two second-class upper spiritual kings who were at their peak level broke out in an instant. The domains were condensed by strong killing intent.

'The two killers are second-class upper spiritual kings at the peak level!' Meade exclaimed in his mind. When he felt the power of the two killers, Meade's face grew dark. It looked like the victory he was looking forward to was about to get harder to achieve.

The two killers were definitely not inferior to his thirteen warriors. Even though he had an advantage in terms of numbers of warriors, the strongest one was a mere second-class upper spiritual king.

"It seems that you're well prepared. It may not be that easy to kill you. Very well, I will just have to kill you myself!" Meade claimed confidently. Although his men seemed weaker, he himself was still stronger than Lynch.

"If you think I'm not prepared, why do you think I'm waiting for you to attack now?" Lynch asked arrogantly.

"Then let me see if you are talented in being a killer!" Meade said coldly. The moment he finished his words, the soles of his feet suddenly struck the ground, and a crack appeared in the air. The moment the crack reached Lynch, Meade moved to the front of him at the same time.

The white spiritual energy swept around and mixed with the enlightening power. It twisted

or other shadowy replications could defeat Meade with a single move.

However, at the sight of that attack, Meade didn't feel nervous at all. He just looked on, calm as ever, with disdain in his eyes.

"Lynch, the strength of the two killers on your side is really beyond my expectation. But you are much weaker than me. Although we are both first-class upper spiritual kings, you are so much weaker."

"Mutant-producing Arms! Mutant-producing Palm!"

Boom! As soon as he clapped his transparent arms, the area where Meade's body stood suddenly trembled. It seemed that the world was about to change.

A giant windstorm instantly swept and merged with the enlightening power released from Meade's arms. A giant transparent Wind Palm gathered in the mid-air.

The palm was so big that it covered up the whole sky. In the face of that palm, Lynch's attack only covered the area as small as the center of the palm.

Two attacks collided with each other. For a quarter of an hour, the two forces seemed to reach a deadlock. But as soon as the huge transparent palm grew strong enough, it slammed down and crushed everything completely.

All of Lynch's attack, both real and illusory were instantly disintegrated.

Bang! Bang!

The figures produced by Lynch were all thrown out. The moment they fell onto the ground, the shadowy replications of Lynch also disintegrated.

At that moment, Lynch was defeated.

"Damn it. I underestimated him!" Lynch said resentfully. He felt sharp pain inside his battered body.

But at the moment, Meade's Mutant-producing Palm continued to strike at him, and he had nowhere to escape.

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