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   Chapter 769 Meade's Plan

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"Just as I expected, the Endless Shadow from the Dark Fallen Realm is an alliance of the Nether Manor," Ricky murmured when he heard Pearl's words.

"But it is understandable. After all, they share one enemy—all the righteous forces of the Eastern Land."

"Humph! Righteous? I don't think there is any righteous force or evil force. They are enemies just because they have different interests and practices different martial arts!" Pearl disagreed with an unladylike snort.

"I grew up in the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce. The Luxurious Emperor trusts and grants me the power all because of my Feminine Mutant; he wants to take the source of feminine from me."

"You may be right, but you are wrong about love. It does exist in this world. For example, I like you not because of your source of feminine but because of who you are," Ricky told her with a smile.

Although he sounded teasing, he said those words to comfort Pearl. He did like her and wanted her to stop hating others. Hatred would bring her no good.

"Humph!" Pearl just snorted coldly when she heard Ricky's words.

Tina, on the other hand, giggled again. It was entertaining to see a warrior like Ricky be bullied by Pearl.


"Well, let's drop the topic. What is the relationship between the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce and these two forces?" Ricky asked.

"Well, the three forces are not that close. They are friends with benefits at most. Now that the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce has already fallen out with the Oriental College, the Luxurious Emperor is probably considering to cooperate with the Endless Shadow and the Nether Manor," Pearl said.

"It seems that after the battle for the Sense of Realm, there is going to be a war in the Eastern Land. But we can just think about that later. Is Meade really going to do something terrible to Lynch?

And is Meade really able to carry out his vicious plan without being noticed by Lynch? I am very curious about it!"

Ricky commented as they looked towards Lynch and Meade again.


As expected, Lynch was heading for the Dark Fallen Realm. When he and his men arrived at a deserted mountain, Meade and his men revealed themselves and surrounded Lynch and the other two warriors.

"Did you know that I was following behind you secretly or not?" Meade asked Lynch in a flat tone. "As a casting master and assa

re still very powerful. What was more, Meade was waiting aside. He could attack at any time.

"I can see the fear in your eyes. It seems that my men are stronger than yours," Meade sneered as he looked at Lynch's grave face.

"These people are the dare-to-die warriors that Sellers has been training all these years. I'm very curious how you managed to mobilize them," Lynch probed. It was indeed a remarkable feat to have access to these men that Sellers had been grooming for years.

"Wow, you know so much. I did not know that that old guy told you about this secret. It seems that he really wants to cooperate with you by telling his most precious secret. I'm starting to wonder, maybe he is the spy you put in the Casting Center," Meade taunted Lynch.

"I wouldn't mind to tell you how I did this. He always looks down upon me and thinks that I wouldn't dare betray him, so he asked me to set up this secret army. I just took advantage of this opportunity and made these men my own army."

"You are truly a remarkable man. If you join the Endless Shadow, I am certain you will become a powerful killer." Lynch was truly impressed. Honestly, he wanted to recruit Meade rather than fight with him.

"I'm not interested in becoming a killer for the time being. What I'm interested in is what the Endless Shadow will do to that old man if I kill you—the young master of the Endless Shadow. I'm wondering if the Endless Shadow would attack the Casting Center directly. That would be more interesting, I think,"

Meade said, a sinister smile painted on his face.

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