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   Chapter 768 The Identity Of Lynch

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"The selection of the disciples from the Oriental College? What's going on? Isn't any disciple of the Oriental College allowed to take part in the competition for the Sense of Realm? Why is there a selection?" Ricky asked, confused.

"The disciples from the Oriental College can participate in the competition, but it's impossible for all of them. There is an agreement among the spiritual-emperor forces that no more than twenty disciples from each force will participate," Cameron answered him patiently, as a father would.

"In this way, we can make room for those who are not spiritual-emperor forces and let their disciples participate in the competition too."

"Oh, I see. So we will have a selection among us, the disciples of the Oriental College, in a few days," Ricky said as he nodded. It did make sense because most students would probably want to participate but the participants would be too numerous if they were all accepted.

"That's right. Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor sent me a message, saying that the selection will take place in ten days. He wants me to ask you whether you will attend the event as a disciple of the Oriental College or as a disciple of the Casting Center," Cameron told Ricky.

"What is the difference between those two?" Ricky asked.

"Essentially, there's no difference. After all, it all depends on whether you can seize the Sense of Realm by yourself. Perhaps the only difference is when you choose one of these two identities, other disciples in the same force you choose will lose a chance because everybody knows that you're sure to be one of those twenty competitors that will fight for the Sense of Realm in the end," Cameron answered him honestly.

"Are you telling me, sir, that it would be best if I don't participate as a disciple of either of the two forces?" Ricky asked Cameron as he read between the lines.

"For those disciples, yes. But what do you want?" Cameron chuckled at Ricky's intelligence. He knew that the boy would get his point.

"I think I prefer the Oriental College. After all, I'm more familiar with the Oriental College than the Casting Center. It is also more competitive to fight for the qualification in the Oriental College than in the Casting Center," Ricky admitted. He did not want to just join and win easily; he wanted to be challenged.

"I knew you would say that. I'll contact Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor right away and tell him about your choice. The Evil Emperor may come to pick you up." Cameron could see Ricky open his mouth to protest so he quickly added, "That's because I'm afraid there are already emperors waiting for you outside the city of the Cast

black who were together with Lynch.

That was because he felt a familiar kind of killing intent from them.

"Tina, are you familiar with the vague killing intent?" Ricky asked.

"You mean the Endless Shadow?" Tina asked. She had an idea but she knew Ricky would explain it better to her.

"Yes. Isn't it said that the Endless Shadow is spreading throughout the whole continent? Their forces have varying strengths. Sometimes these forces seem to be related, but sometimes they don't seem to be related," Ricky said.

"Anyway, I still remember the special killing intent of the Endless Shadow. I think that Lynch may be a member of the Endless Shadow from the Dark Fallen Realm."

"I think so as well. Does this mean that Sellers seeks the Endless Shadow as his backer?" Tina asked.

"I'm afraid not only that. The Dark Fallen Realm is dominated by two forces—the Nether Manor and the Endless Shadow. There should be a connection between the two forces. Both the Oriental Emperor and the Evil Emperor thought so." And Ricky agreed with them, of course.

"So, I'm not sure if Sellers has something to do with the Nether Manor. If he does, I won't feel surprised."

"Really?" Tina asked gently.

"The Endless Shadow and the Nether Manor in the Dark Fallen Realm are in alliance with each other." Both of them were surprised when Pearl cut in. She sounded so sure of herself that they were truly inclined to believe her.

"Really? How do you know that?" Ricky and Tina asked almost at the same time.

"Because there have been many deals between the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce and them. Some of these deals were done by the geniuses of both forces and me," Pearl informed them. The two looked on in surprise, although Ricky seemed more thoughtful than surprised.

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