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   Chapter 765 Soul-binding Technique

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Sellers told Gorden in a cold voice, "I wouldn't dare!" At that moment, Sellers felt the anger in Gorden's heart. Despite his unwillingness, Sellers had to treat him with respect. However, it was the kind of respect that wouldn't go much further.

At that time, Sellers hadn't gotten the support from the spiritual emperors. Even if he had the support, he wouldn't dare to confront Gorden that easily because he knew they wouldn't help him that much if they wouldn't gain something very valuable for themselves.

"If you don't dare, then you should retreat!" Gorden responded coldly.

Sellers wanted to stop Ricky, but how could Gorden not know the reason? He then immediately used his strength to try and stop Sellers's actions.

'This is real strength! Even Sellers, a demi-spiritual emperor and a casting master of Demi-sage Level, has to yield in front of Gorden.

When will I ever become a spiritual emperor myself?' Ricky thought to himself after seeing the scene.


"I'll say it again. Come to me if any of the members of the Casting Center has any objections against Ricky becoming the sixth chief," Gorden told the crowd once again.

This time, no one said anything. A spiritual emperor was already furious. Nobody wanted to step up and challenge such strength.

"Ricky, I'm sure you know that your position of the sixth chief exists in name only. You won't be able to enjoy its privileges. There will also be trouble headed your way once your nomination is final. You must always stay alert," Gorden told Ricky with his internal power.

"Don't worry. I will warn Sellers and the other casting masters at the advanced stage of Spirit Level secretly."

"Of course, I already know about that. But since I've decided to be the sixth chief, I would have to overcome these obstacles," Ricky responded.

"Ha-ha! I'm looking forward to the day that you finally become the real sixth chief. Right now, you better go to the Soul Tower and cultivate some more while you still have time so that you can consolidate your casting skills at the intermediate stage of Spirit Level," Gorden reminded.

"After all, you can cultivate in the Soul Tower any time you want to. Don't waste this opportunity."

"I understand," Ricky replied.

"Sir, if you don't mind, can I ask you another favor?" There was a hint of embarrassment in his voice.

"What would that be?"

"Sir, I just remembered that I can stil


That was to say that once the opponent was attacked, they would become a puppet of the attacker.

Of course, it also depended on the difference in strength between two warriors. It was impossible for a spiritual emperor to control a saint using this Soul-binding Hidden Chain.


"Wow!" "The Soul-binding Technique is very powerful and formidable. If one is able to master it, they will be invincible," Ricky said in a serious tone with a further understanding of the Soul-binding Technique.

"Your main priority is to master the first two moves. Although you are an ace genius with peerless talent, I have to remind you that no genius has ever been able to cultivate the third move," Gorden explained carefully. He didn't want Ricky to have very high expectations so he decided to elaborate further.

"That's because it requires the creature's comprehension of the supreme enlightenment to reach such their limits. Perhaps even the most powerful saints would have trouble reaching this limit themselves."

"No way!" Ricky responded with disbelief hearing Gorden's explanation.

"How mysterious the supreme enlightenment is! It's just too difficult for us living creatures to fuse and hide inside it. It's simply too difficult..." Gorden sighed deeply.


After their secret conversation, Gorden looked around and announced loudly, "This competition is over. Disciples who would get rewards, you can take your time to get these rewards from the Manual Palace at the Casting Center.

Of course, as the disciples of the Casting Center, you have to abide by the rules and watch your step."

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