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   Chapter 764 No One Knew The Reason

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"How could it be possible?" It seems that Gorden is being serious! How could it be real?" all the warriors surrounding the area exclaimed in disbelief. They could not believe Gorden's words. Although Ricky's instant promotion to becoming the sixth chief of the Casting Center had essentially nothing to do with them, they couldn't help but still feel jealous of him.

Ricky himself didn't know what he should do. He really had not expected Gorden to be serious about offering him the position of the Casting Center's sixth chief.

"Ricky, it doesn't matter if you are strong enough or not. Just tell me, are you willing to be the sixth chief of the Casting Center? Do give me a straight and clear answer," Gorden queried once again, but this time, with more fervor and force in his voice.

Truth be told, Gorden raised such a question to test and gauge whether Ricky was a brave warrior or not.

Ricky fell silent and began to think more carefully about Gorden's question. A few moments later, he raised his head and revealed his answer to Gorden's question through telepathy. "Sir, please forgive me for being blunt. I am really not suitable to be the sixth chief considering my current ability and strength. And I'm sure you know well about it." He paused to lick his lips that had gone slightly dry and then asked, "Let me ask you, sir, why did you present me with such an offer?"

At the back of his mind, Ricky thought that perhaps his question would irritate Gorden. Still, he went on to ask his question anyway. He had to. He didn't want to deal with any confusion when it came to himself.

"You have great talent and a meticulous mind. With these two characters combined, you are really qualified to become a strong warrior." Gorden wasn't angered or irked by Ricky's question. Instead, he replied and acknowledged it by giving him praises.

"To be honest, I don't know the reason either, because It wasn't my sole decision to offer you the position as the sixth chief of the Casting Center."

"What?" Ricky's eyes were wide as saucers. "Are you saying it wasn't you who made the decision?" Ricky asked in shock and confusion at Gorden's revelation.

"No, I didn't. I am just the second chief of the Casting Center," Gorden stated so nonchalantly, as if to remind Ricky that while he might hold power and authority in the Casting Center, that didn't give him enough capacity to implement decisions and plans as drastic as offering Ricky the sixth seat of the Casting Center's chiefs.

"Sir, do you mean to say...that it was Master Todd who made the offer?" Ricky asked slowly and with disbelief. Simply thinking about the possibility made him extremely surprised.

"Good job! You are correct!" Gorden exclaimed.

"But how is that possible? I even don't know him. And even if he does know me, it simply doesn't add up. It is just weird for him to even think about making me the s

ken aback by his intervention.

His voice was soft, yet there was a hint of anger in it.

These casting masters, of course, felt the slight anger emanated by Gorden. At that moment, they suddenly became a little scared. They then hesitated and said, "Gorden, we are simply following the rules of the Casting Center."

"The rules?" Gorden crossed his arms. He was starting to feel impatient. "Let me ask you this. Who do you think will have the final say in the Casting Center?" Gorden asked in a chilly and condescending tone.

"Of course, it would be Todd and you!" they all answered at once without hesitation.

"I'm glad you are keeping that in mind. Todd and I have the final say and we make the rules. Now that Todd is not around, I will be the one who decides everything. If you are here to question me, I implore you to come and challenge me the moment you grow stronger than me." Gorden was not going to waste any more time with Sellers and his band of naysayers.

Gorden's fearless reply left the casting masters shocked and shivering. It dawned upon them that the man in front of them was not only a casting master of Demi-sage Level, but also a supreme spiritual emperor.

They began to feel regretful. Why did they come with Sellers to stop a decision which had been made by Gorden in the first place? Where did their courage to threaten a spiritual emperor and casting master of Demi-saint Level come from? They all realized that they were asking for death by doing so.

Sellers's eyes could clearly be seen being clouded with gloom.

He really couldn't understand why Gorden would have made such a decision. What Sellers didn't know was that even Gorden himself didn't fully grasp the motivation behind Todd's big decision.

"Sellers, if this is your reason for trying to oppose and stop what has already been decided, then feel free to question and challenge me once you surpass my power and strength!"

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